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There was a Viennese satyrical periodical, created and edited by de:Joseph Richter, which was written by himself from 1785—1813 (194 releases) until his death on 1813-06-13. Two successors (de:Franz Xaver Gewey and, after his death on 1819-10-18, de:Adolf Bäuerle) continued, under same title, until 1821.

The periodical assumes to be a collection of the letters of some (never mentionned) peasant from 'Eipeldau' (now, and for quite some time, belonging to Vienna, under the name of Leopoldau who came to the city and informed his parent ('cousin') in 'Kakran' (today's Kagran, Vienna's 22nd district) about 'excitingly modern' Viennese customs and 'actual news'. It is claimed to be 'collected and commented' by 'some Viennese' (Joseph Richter).

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