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<nowiki>modelo entidad-relación; 實體關係模型; ER-modell; Model perhubungan entiti; Entity-Relationship-Modell; Diagramma E-R; Модел објекти-везе; ER模型; Entity-relationship model; ER模型; ER-modell; מודל ישויות קשרים; ER模型; 개체-관계 모델; Нысан-байланыс моделі; enta-rilata modelo; Entity-relationship model; என்டிடி வரைபடம்; modello E-R; modèle entité-association; ER模型; diagrama Entitat-Relació; ER-модель данных; مدل موجودیت–رابطه; Model objekti-veze; نىسان-بايلانىس مودەلى; ER diagrammas; Entiteit-relasie datamodel; Модел објекти-везе; Entitetni-odnosni model; 実体関連モデル; แบบจำลองความสัมพันธ์เอนทิตี; diagrama entidade relacionamento; Нысан-байланыс моделі; Diagram związków encji; entitet–relasjonsmodell; entity-relationshipmodel; Модель «сутність — зв'язок»; Diagram hubungan entitas; Nısan-baýlanıs modeli; Modelul entitate-asociere; entity-relationship model; طريقة الكيانات والعلاقات; Μοντέλο Οντοτήτων-Συσχετίσεων; entiteetti-suhdemalli; modello per la rappresentazione concettuale dei dati ad un alto livello di astrazione; modèle de données; entiteettien suhteita kuvaava tietomalli; describes inter-related things of interest in a specific domain of knowledge;composed of entity types (which classify the things of interest) and specifies relationships that can exist between instances of those entity types; انن; beskriver interrelaterte ting av interesse i et spesifikt kunnskapsdomene; sammensatt av entitetstyper (som klassifiserer tingene av interesse) og spesifiserer relasjoner som kan eksistere mellom forekomster av disse entitetstypene; modellspråk som beskriver samband mellan saker eller data i ett givet kunskapsområde; ofta använt för konceptuell modellering; E-R; E/R; modelo entidad relación; diagrama entidad-relacion; modelo E-R; diagrama entidad relación; modelo E R; diagrama e/r; diagrama entidad-relación; diagrama er; modelo entidad-relacion; modelo entidad relacion; diagrama e r; diagrama e-r; diagrama Entidad Relacion; entidad-relación; modèles entité-association; modèles entité-rrelation; modèles entités-associations; modèles entités-relations; relation; entité-relation; modèle conceptuel des données; modèle conceptuel de données; modèle entité-relation; modèles entité-relation; modele entite-relation; Entity-relationship; Модель сущность-связь; ERD; ERM; Entity Relationship Model; Er-Modell; Relationship; ER-Datenmodell; Entity-Relationship-Model; Entity-Relationship Model; ER-Diagram; Gegenstands-Beziehungs-Modell; Gegenstand-Beziehung-Modell; E-R-Modell; E-R-Diagramm; Gegenstand-Beziehungs-Modell; ER Modellierung; Entity-Relationship-Datenmodell; Entitäten-Relationen-Datenmodell; Gegenstand-Beziehungs-Datenmodell; Der lógico; modello entità-relazione; modello entità-associazione; modello entity-relationship; entity-relationship; schema ER; modello ER; schema entità-relazione; schema E-R; diagramma ER; 實體聯繫模式圖; 實體關係模型; 实体关系图; 实体联系模型; ER图; 实体-关系模型; Διάγραμμα Οντοτήτων - Συσχετίσεων; Μοντέλο οντοτήτων συσχετίσεων; Er model; Diagramă entitate-relație; Diagramă entitate-asociere; Modelul entitate-relație; ER図; E-R図; 実体関連図; ERD; طريقه الكيانات والعلاقات; E-R diagram; Model relasi entitas; Program relasi entitas; Diagram ERD; ERD; Entity Relationship Diagram; entitetrelasjonsmodell; Entity-relationship model; ERD; Entity-relationship-model; 개체관계모델; 개체-관계 다이어그램; ER 다이어그램; 개체 관계 모델; 엔티티-릴레이션십 모델; E-R 모델; 엔티티-관계 모델; 엔티티-릴레이션쉽 모델; ERD; ER 모델; E-R Diagram; อี-อาร์โมเดล; อีอาร์โมเดล; อี-อาร์ โมเดล; Entity-relationship model; ER model; แบบจำลองอี-อาร์; E-R model; Модель «сутність - зв'язок»; ER-модель; Нотація Чена; ER–модель; Модель сутність-зв'язок; Er model; ER-malli; ER-kaavio; Entity–Relationship model; ERM; ER model; entity-relationship modeling; ER modeling; EAR model; EAR modeling; ERD; ER schema; ERM; entity-attribute-relationship model; entity-attribute-relationship modeling; ER diagram; ER-modelo; ER diagram; ERD diagram; ERD; מודל ישויות-קשרים; ERD</nowiki>
entity-relationship model 
describes inter-related things of interest in a specific domain of knowledge;composed of entity types (which classify the things of interest) and specifies relationships that can exist between instances of those entity types
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Entity-Relationship Models (ERM) is an abstract conceptual representation of structured data. Entity-relationship modeling is a relational schema database modeling method, used in software engineering to produce a type of conceptual data model or semantic data model of a system, often a relational database, and its requirements in a top-down fashion. Diagrams created using this process are called entity-relationship diagrams, or ER diagrams or ERDs for short.

Originally proposed in 1976 by Peter Chen, many variants of the process have subsequently been devised.

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