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English: Epigraphy is the study of inscriptions or epigraphs as writing; it is the science of identifying graphemes, clarifying their meanings, classifying their uses according to dates and cultural contexts, and drawing conclusions about the writing and the writers. Specifically excluded from epigraphy are the historical significance of an epigraph as a document and the artistic value of a literary composition.

An epigraph is any sort of text, from a single grapheme (such as marks on a pot) to a lengthy document. Epigraphy overlaps other competences such as numismatics or palaeography.

This category is a container category for images of epigraphs, whether in literature or monuments, or categories related to the study of epigraphy. Images directly related to the science itself should be the only files directly placed here. Images of epigraphs from books go in Category:Epigraphs in literature, from objects in Category:Epigraphs on objects and from buildings, in Category:Epigraphs in architecture.
epigrafía (es); Epigrafia (co); Епиграфика (bg); Yazıt bilimi (tr); 金石學 (zh-hk); Epigrafika (sk); Epigrafia (oc); Epigrafika (tk); 金石學 (zh-hant); 金石学 (zh-cn); 금석학 (ko); Эпиграфика (kk); epigrafiko (eo); epigrafika (cs); épigraphie (fr); Эпиграфика (cv); शिलालेख (mr); Kim thạch học (vi); епиграфика (sr); 金石学 (zh-sg); epigrafikk (nb); Epiqraf (az); ಶಾಸನಗಳು (kn); epigraphy (en); علم النقائش (ar); Epigrafia (eu); Epigrafía (ast); эпиграфика (ru); эпиграфика (ba); Epigraphik (de); Epigrafia (sq); епиграфика (sr-ec); 金石学 (zh); Epigrafik (da); ეპიგრაფიკა (ka); 碑文研究 (ja); අභිලේඛන (si); Epigraphia (la); शिलालेखः (sa); अभिलेख (hi); 金石学 (wuu); epigrafiikka (fi); إيپيڭرافيا (ary); epigrafia (it); эпіграфіка (be-tarask); epigrafie (nl); 金石学 (zh-hans); epigrafia (pt); శాసనం (te); епиграфика (mk); epigrafika (sr-el); אפיגרפיה (he); epigrafik (sv); Epigrafika (uz); 金石學 (zh-tw); Epigrafika (sl); эпіграфіка (be); epigrafia (ca); Epigrafi (id); Epigrapiya (war); Epigrafika (pl); എപ്പിഗ്രഫി (ml); Epigrafika (sh); سنگ‌نبشته (fa); epigrafie (ro); Վիմագրություն (hy); Епіграфіка (uk); Epigrafía (gl); கல்வெட்டியல் (ta); επιγραφολογία (el); Epigrafika (hr) disciplina che studia le iscrizioni (it); étude des inscriptions réalisées sur des matières non putrescibles (fr); studie van inscripties (nl); शिलालेखों का अध्ययन (hi); historische Hilfswissenschaft der Erkundung von Inschriften auf unterschiedlichen Materialien (de); piirtokirjoitustiede (fi); study of inscriptions or epigraphs as writing (en); ciencia que estudia las inscripciones hechas sobre materiales duros (es); ҡаты материалдарҙағы яҙыуҙарҙың йөкмәткеһен һәм формаһын өйрәнеүсе фән (ba) Epigrafica (it); Inscriptions chrétiennes, Épigraphique (fr); Эпиграфист (ru); Inschriftenkunde, Epigrafik (de); Inscrição, Epigrafistas, Inscrições (pt); سنگ نوشته ها, کتیبه, سنگ نوشته, سنگ‌نوشته‌ها, سنگ‌نوشته, سنگنوشته, سنگ نبشته, سنگنبشته (fa); 铭文学, 銘刻學 (zh); Epigrafi (tr); Epigrafia (sk); Epigràfic (ca); epigrafiker, epigrafisk (sv); Епиграф (bg); אפיגרף, אפיגראפיה (he); opschriftkunde, epigrafiek (nl); Epigrafia, Epigráfico, Inscripción, Epigrafico, Inscripcion (es); शिलालेख (hi); శాసనాలు, శాసనము (te); 금석학자 (ko); Epígrafe (gl); إبيغرافيا, ابيجرافيا, أبيجرافيا, علم دراسة النقوش, ابيغرافيا, إبيجرافيا, أبيغرافيا, علم دراسه النقوش (ar); Epigrafie (cs); Inskripsi (id)
study of inscriptions or epigraphs as writing
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