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English: The Esplanade Sandstone, the uppermost, en:cliff-former unit of the Supai Group. With variations of the Supai Group thickness, 600-700 ft, and Roadside Geology of Arizona, by Chronic, c 1983, of about 850 ft, the Esplanade is about 1/5 the thickness of the en:Isis Temple monolith. (so about 120 to 150 ft)-(100 to 140, softer Supai erodables are above it in a thin section(?)). The Esplanade of west Grand Canyon, south side of Colorado River is formed as the shelf in the region of the Toroweap Fault-(directly adjacent upstream), (Lava Falls, and the en:Uinkaret volcanic field). (about Mile 160-180 on the Colorado; the Uinkaret fields extend further to northwest, north side of Colorado)


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