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The images in this collection have been assessed according to Images guidelines and are considered featured pictures.

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Number FPs

User Featured Pictures Featured pictures  link=Commons:Featured pictures Country
Ajepbah 4 Germany Flag of Germany.svg 
Alberto-g-rovi 1 Spain Flag of Spain.svg 
Alchemist-hp 61 Germany Flag of Germany.svg 
Andreas F. Borchert 3 Germany Flag of Germany.svg 
Andrzej Barabasz 4 Poland Flag of Poland.svg 
AngMoKio 31 Germany Flag of Germany.svg 
Arild Vågen 114 Sweden Flag of Sweden.svg 
Atoma 1 France Flag of France.svg 
Bernard Gagnon 7 Canada Flag of Canada.svg 
Berthold Werner 44 Germany Flag of Germany.svg 
Böhringer Friedrich 138 Austria Flag of Austria.svg 
Carlos Delgado 46 Spain Flag of Spain.svg 
Cayambe 18 Luxembourg Flag of Luxembourg.svg 
Cephas 52 Canada Flag of Canada.svg 
CEphoto, Uwe Aranas 59 Germany Flag of Germany.svg 
Charlesjsharp (Charles) 73 United Kingdom Flag of the United Kingdom.svg 
Christian Ferrer 102 France Flag of France.svg 
Christopher Crouzet 6 France Flag of France.svg 
Claritas 6
Colin 70 Scotland Flag of Scotland.svg 
Cvmontuy 2 Mexico Flag of Mexico.svg 
dllu 14 Canada Flag of Canada.svg 
Daniel Schwen 81
David Gubler 54 Switzerland Flag of Switzerland.svg 
David Iliff 263 Australia Flag of Australia.svg 
DeFacto 5
Ezarate 2 Argentina Flag of Argentina.svg 
Derek Ramsey 43 United States Flag of the United States.svg 
Didier Descouens 115 France Flag of France.svg 
DXR 31 Germany Flag of Germany.svg 
Famberhorst 105 Netherlands Flag of the Netherlands.svg 
Florstein 28 Russia Flag of Russia.svg 
Frank Schulenburg 48 California Flag of California.svg 
George Chernilevsky 63 Ukraine Flag of Ukraine.svg 
Gideon Pisanty 23 Israel Flag of Israel.svg 
Guillaume Piolle 15 France Flag of France.svg 
H. Zell 160 Germany Flag of Germany.svg 
Halavar 11 Poland Flag of Poland.svg 
Holger Krisp 54 Germany Flag of Germany.svg 
Hubertl 50
Jacek Halicki 87 Poland Flag of Poland.svg 
Jan Mehlich 11 Poland Flag of Poland.svg 
Jebulon 185 France Flag of France.svg 
Jeevan Jose 96 India Flag of India.svg 
Joaquim Alves Gaspar 155 Portugal Flag of Portugal.svg 
Johann Jaritz 45 Austria Flag of Austria.svg 
Joydeep 13 India Flag of India.svg 
Julian Herzog 33
Jürgen Matern 4 Germany Flag of Germany.svg 
Karel Jakubec 2 Czech Republic Flag of the Czech Republic.svg 
Laitche 76 Japan Flag of Japan.svg 
Lewis Hulbert 2 England Flag of England.svg 
Livioandronico2013 127
Loadmaster 1 United States Flag of the United States.svg 
Lucasbosch 22 Germany Flag of Germany.svg 
Luis Miguel Bugallo Sánchez (Lmbuga) 16 Spain Flag of Spain.svg 
Marc Ryckaert 22 Belgium Flag of Belgium.svg 
Marcin Szala 76 Czech Republic Flag of the Czech Republic.svg 
Martin Falbisoner 105 Bavaria Flag of Bavaria (lozengy).svg
Mathias Krumbholz 28 Germany Flag of Germany.svg 
Max Ryazanov 1 Russia Flag of Russia.svg 
Medium69 9 France Flag of France.svg 
Moonik 5 France Flag of France.svg 
MrPanyGoff 13 Bulgaria Flag of Bulgaria.svg 
Muhammad Mahdi Karim 62 Tanzania Flag of Tanzania.svg 
Myrabella 30 France Flag of France.svg 
Nick Hobgood 55
P e z i 18
PierreSelim 22
PtrQs 2
PumpkinSky 5 United States Flag of the United States.svg 
Quartl 47
Ralf Roletschek 36
Richard Bartz 112
Robert F. Tobler 7
Romanceor 3
Simo Räsänen 52
Simon Koopmann 19
Slaunger 35
Smial 4
Smihael 3
Stefan Krause 23
Steffen Schmitz 19
The High Fin Sperm Whale 6
The Photographer 112 Venezuela Flag of Venezuela.svg 
Thennicke 9
Thomas Wolf 77
Toby Hudson 16
Tony Jin (King of Hearts) 52
Tony Wills 1
Tuxyso 83
UnreifeKirsche 1
Uoaei1 93
Vengolis 3 India Flag of India.svg 
Villy Fink Isaksen 19
W.carter 48 Sweden Flag of Sweden.svg 
Wladyslaw 86 Germany Flag of Germany.svg 
Wolfgang Moroder 69
Yann 24
Yathin sk 26

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