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Not to be confused with Ferryhill, Aberdeen.
English: Ferryhill is a town in south-central County Durham, England with a population of around 11,651 people, making it the 8th biggest town in the County. It is in the Durham County Unitary area. The town grew in the nineteenth century and very rapidly in the 1900s around the coal mining industry, although the last mine closed in 1968.
Italiano: Ferryhill è un paese di 10.006 abitanti della contea di Durham, in Inghilterra.
Nederlands: Ferryhill is een plaats in het bestuurlijke gebied Sedgefield, in het Engelse graafschap Durham. De plaats telt 10.006 inwoners.
Polski: Ferryhill - miasto w Wielkiej Brytanii, w Anglii, w hrabstwie Durham. Ferryhill położony jest w samym sercu hrabstwa Durham, 7 mil na południe od Durham i 11 mil na północ od Darlington. W 2001r. miasto to zamieszkiwało 11 651 osób.
Română: Ferryhill este un oraş în comitatul County Durham, regiunea North East, Anglia. Oraşul se află în districtul Sedgefield.
Volapük: Ferryhill binon zif in grafän: County Durham, in Linglän.


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