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<nowiki>filigrana; filigrán; филигрань; Filigranarbeit; Filigrani; ملیله‌کاری; 金银花丝; Filigran; Telkârî; 細線細工; Filigran; Філігрань; 金銀花絲; Filigrano; Filigraani; Filigrano; filigrán; filigrana; filigrane; філігрань; filigrana; Filigrāns; Filigranas; filigran; Филигран; 金银花丝; Filigran; Filigrana; filigran; filigran; filigrain; filigran; филигран; פיליגרין; Филигрань; filigree; صياغة تخريمية; Φιλιγκράν; Filigra; artesanía; ouvrage d’orfèvrerie travaillé à jour et formé de fils métalliques; ювэлірная тэхніка; gull- eller sølvsmedarbeid i hovedsak bygget opp av tråder og kuler; fijn smeedwerk; ювелирная техника, использующая ажурный или напаянный на металлический фон узор из тонкой золотой, серебряной и т. д. проволоки; feine Goldschmiedearbeiten aus Metallfäden; delicate kind of jewellery metalwork; ملیله کاری شاخه ای از هنر فلزی کاری است ک با مفتول های نازک نقره انجام مپذیرد . طبق تحقیقات صورت گرفته قدمت ملیله کاری در ایران ب دوران قبل از اسلام و بعداز اسلام باز میگردد .; Smalks juvelierizstrādājums; bir gümüş işleme sanatı; filigrana (oreficeria); フィリグラーナ; フィリグリー; filigrana (artesanía); filigrano (artmetio); 金銀花絲; filigraanwerk; filigrein</nowiki>
delicate kind of jewellery metalwork
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English: Filigree (also less commonly spelt filagree, and formerly written filigrann or filigrene) is a delicate kind of jewellery metalwork, usually of gold and silver, made with tiny beads or twisted threads, or both in combination, soldered together or to the surface of an object of the same metal and arranged in artistic motifs. It often suggests lace and remains popular in Indian and other Asian metalwork. It was popular as well in Italian and French metalwork from 1660 to the late 19th century. It should not be confused with ajoure jewellery work, the ajoure technique consisting of drilling holes in objects made of sheet metal.
Italiano: Filigrana (in gioelleria)
Português: Filigrana
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