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English: Futurism was an artistic and social movement that originated in Italy in the early 20th century. It emphasized and glorified themes associated with contemporary concepts of the future, including speed, technology, youth and violence, and objects such as the car, the airplane and the industrial city. It was largely an Italian phenomenon, though there were parallel movements in Russia, England and elsewhere. The Futurists practiced in every medium of art, including painting, sculpture, ceramics, graphic design, industrial design, interior design, theatre, film, fashion, textiles, literature, music, architecture and even gastronomy. Key figures of the movement include the Italians Filippo Tommaso Marinetti, Umberto Boccioni, Carlo Carrà, Gino Severini, Giacomo Balla, Antonio Sant'Elia, Tullio Crali and Luigi Russolo, and the Russians Natalia Goncharova, Velimir Khlebnikov, and Vladimir Mayakovsky, as well as the Portuguese Almada Negreiros. Important works include its seminal piece of the literature, Marinetti's Manifesto of Futurism, as well as Boccioni's sculpture, Unique Forms of Continuity in Space, and Balla's painting, Abstract Speed + Sound (pictured). Futurism influenced art movements such as Art Deco, Constructivism, Surrealism, Dada, and to a greater degree, Precisionism, Rayonism, and Vorticism.
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futurismo (es); Футуризъм (bg); Futurism (ro); 未來主義 (zh-hk); Futurizmus (sk); Futurisme (oc); 未來主義 (zh-hant); 未来主义 (zh-cn); Futurismus (gsw); 미래파 (ko); Футуризм (kk); futurismo (eo); футуризам (mk); Futurizam (bs); futurism (bn); futurisme (fr); Futurizam (hr); Chủ nghĩa vị lai (vi); Futūrisms (lv); Futurisme (af); футуризам (sr); 未来主义 (zh-sg); Футуризм (mn); futurisme (nn); futurisme (nb); Futurizm (az); Futurism (vro); Futurism (en); مستقبلية (ar); အနာဂတ္ထိဝါဒ (my); Футуризм (ky); Futurismo (eu); Futurismu (ast); футуризм (ru); Dyfodoliaeth (cy); футурызм (be); ֆուտուրիզմ (hy); 未来主义 (zh); Futurîzm (ku); ფუტურიზმი (ka); 未来派 (ja); Futurismo (ia); Futurisme (nrm); פוטוריזם (he); Futurismus (la); Futurismi (fi); Futurism (pms); futurismo (it); 未来主义 (zh-hans); futurism (sco); 未來主義 (zh-tw); Futurism (et); футуризм (uk); Futurizm (uz); Futurisme (da); Futurizam (sh); futurismus (cs); futurisme (ca); futurizam (sr-el); Futurism (sv); Futurizmus (hu); Futurisme (lfn); Futurizmas (lt); Futurizem (sl); Fütürizm (tr); футуризам (sr-ec); آینده‌گری (fa); Futurisme (id); Futuryzm (pl); футурызм (be-tarask); futurisme (nl); Futurismus (de); futurismo (pt); مستقبل بيني (sd); Futurismus (stq); Futurismo (gl); ਭਵਿੱਖਵਾਦ (pa); Φουτουρισμός (el); Bī-lâi-phài (nan) movimiento artístico y literario italiano (es); avantgardistische Kunstbewegung aus Italien (de); mouvement artistique (fr); movimento artistico e culturale italiano (it); artistic and social movement (en); awangardowy kierunek w sztuce (pl); תנועה אמנותית טכנולוגית (he); общее название художественных авангардистских движений 1910-х — начала 1920-х годов, прежде всего в Италии и России (ru) Corrente futurista, Futuristi, Movimento futurista, Avanguardia Futurista, Futurista (it); Mouvement futuriste, Futurisme russe, Futuriste (fr); футурист, футуристы (ru); Futurist (de); Futurista (pt); اینده گرایی, اینده‌گرایی, اینده گری, آینده گری, ایندهٔ گرایی, آینده‌گرایی, ایندهٔ گری, فوتوریست (fa); 未来主义运动, 未來派, 未來主義 (zh); Futurismen (da); Fütürist, Gelecekçilik, Gelecekçi (tr); Futuristisk, Futurister, Futurist (sv); Futurystyka, Futuryści, Futurysta (pl); Futurismen (nb); movimiento futurista (es); Futuris (id); Moviment futurista (ca); Futuristi (fi); Vị lai, Trường phái vị lai, Trường phái tương lai (vi); المستقبلية, الحركة المستقبلية, مدرسة المستقبلية (ar); футурист (uk); კუბოფუტურიზმი (ka)


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