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English: Aelia Galla Placidia (c. 390November 27, 450) lived one of the most eventful lives of Late Antiquity. Daughter of Roman Emperor and his second wife Galla, who herself was daughter of the Emperor Valentinian I, Galla Placidia was half sister of emperors Honorius and Arcadius.
Galla Placidia 
Roman Empress
Gal·la Placídia en una moneda, ca. 430
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Name in native languageGalla Placidia
Date of birth388 (statement with Gregorian date earlier than 1584)
Date of death27 November 450 (statement with Gregorian date earlier than 1584)
Place of burial
Country of citizenship
Noble title
  • Galla
Authority control
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Gala Placidia (es); Galla Placidia (hu); Gala Plazidia (eu); Gala Placidia (ast); Галла Плацидия (ru); Galla Placidia (de); Гала Плацыдзія (be); Гала Плацидија (sr-ec); Гала Плацидия (bg); Galla Placidia (da); Galla Placidia (tr); ガッラ・プラキディア (ja); Galla Placidia (sv); גאלא פלקידיה (he); Aelia Galla Placidia (la); 加拉·普拉西提阿 (zh-hant); 加拉·普拉西提阿 (zh-cn); Galla Placidia (fi); Galla Placidia (eo); Galla Placidia (cs); Galla Placidia (it); Galla Placidia (fr); Galla Placidia (br); 加拉·普拉西提阿 (zh-hans); Galla Plasidia (fy); Gala Placídia (pt); Gala Placidia (gl); 加拉·普拉西提阿 (zh-hk); Galla Placidia (sk); Gala Placidija (lt); Gala Placidija (sr-el); Gala Placidija (sh); 加拉·普拉西提阿 (zh-tw); 加拉·普拉西提阿 (zh-sg); Galla Placidia (ro); Elia Galla Placydia (pl); Galla Placidia (nb); Galla Placidia (nl); Gal·la Placídia (ca); Галла Плацидія (uk); Гала Плацидија (sr); 加拉·普拉西提阿 (zh); Galla Placidia (en); غالا بلاسيديا (ar); Γάλλα Πλακιδία (el); 갈라 플라키디아 (ko) imperatrice romana (it); impératrice romaine (fr); Romeins politica (0388-0450) (nl); emperadriu romana (ca); weströmische Regentin (de); Roman Empress (en); 羅馬皇后 (zh); Ρωμαία Αυτοκράτειρα (el); королева вестготов, римская императрица (ru) Gallia Placidia (it); ガラ・プラキディア (ja); Placidie, Gallia Placida (fr); Галa Плацидия (bg); 普拉西狄亚, 加拉·普拉西狄亚, 安利亚·加拉·普拉西提阿, 加拉·普拉基迪亚 (zh); Gala Placidia, Aelia Gala Plazidia (eu); Aelia Galla Placidia (es); Galla Placidia (sh); 加拉·普拉基迪亞 (zh-hant); Galla Placydia, Galla Placyda, Galla Placidia (pl); Gal·la Plàcida, Gaŀla Placídia (ca); Galla placidia, Aelia Galla Placidia, Gala placidia (pt); Galla Placidia (la); Галла Плакидия (ru); 加拉·普拉基迪亚 (zh-hans); Aelia Galla Placidia (sr)


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