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Català: Gegantisme
English: Gigantism, also known as giantism (from Greek γίγας gigas, "giant", plural γίγαντες gigantes), is a condition characterized by excessive growth and height significantly above average. In humans, this condition is caused by over-production of growth hormone in childhood before the long bone epiphyses closes resulting in persons between 7 feet (2.13 m) and 9 feet (2.74 m) in height.
Human disease
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Анна Свон и её родители
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Instance of disease,
health problem
Subclass of tall stature,
growth hormone-producing pituitary gland neoplasm
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gigantismo (es); Гигантизм (ky); Erraldoitasun (eu); Xigantismu (ast); gigantisme (ca); Riesenwuchs (de); Гігантызм (be); Գիգանտիզմ (hy); 巨人症 (zh); Gigantisme (da); Gigantizm (tr); 巨人症 (ja); عملاق (arz); קומה גבוהה (he); 巨人症 (zh-hant); Jättikasvu (fi); gigantismo (eo); Gigantismus (cs); gigantismo (it); gigantisme (fr); Gigantism (et); Γιγαντισμός (el); Gigantizam (sr-el); Гигантизам (sr-ec); gigantismo (pt); Xigantismo (gl); гигантизам (sr); 거인증 (ko); gigantism (sv); غول‌پیکری (fa); Gigantism (ro); Gigantisme (id); Gigantyzm (pl); gigantisme (nl); Gigantizam (sh); 巨人症 (zh-hk); Гигантизъм (bg); გიგანტიზმი (ka); Гигантизм (ru); gigantism (en); عملقة (ar); 巨人症 (zh-hans); Gigantizm (uz) condizione clinica caratterizzata da un eccessivo accrescimento somatico delle strutture anatomiche del corpo (it); Störung der postnatalen Entwicklung (de); Human disease (en); مرض يصيب الإنسان (ar); homa malsano (eo) Hiidsus (et); Makrosomija, Gigantizam (sr); ענקות, גיגאנטיזם, גיגנטיזם, ענקיות (he); reuzengroei (nl); gegantisme (ca); Jätteväxt (sv); Hypersomie, Großwuchs (de); Ulkanlik (uz); Anterior pituitary hyperfunction, Pituitary gigantism, Infantile and juvenile forms of acromegaly, Hypophyseal gigantism (en); Gigantismi (fi); Gigantismo pituitário, Gigantismo hipofisário (pt); Kæmpevækst (da)


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