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<nowiki>glucocorticoide; 糖皮質激素; glükokortikoid; Glukokortikoide; Glukokortikoid; Glucocorticoide; Glukokortikosteroidet; گلوکوکورتیکوئید; Глюкокортикоид; Glukocorticosteroider; Glükokortikoid; 糖皮質激素; 糖皮質激素; Glukokortikoider; 糖皮质激素; Glucocorticoïde; Glucocorticoidum; 糖皮質激素; 糖皮质激素; glucocorticoide; 당질 코르티코이드; Глюкокортикоидтер; glukokortikosteroido; glukokortikoidy; glucocorticoid; Glucocorticoide; Глюкокортикоиды; glucocorticoïde; глюкокортикоїди; Glükokortikosteroidid; ގްލޫކޯ ކޯޓިކޮއިޑް; Glukokortikoidi; 糖皮质激素; glucocorticoïde; Glukokortikoidy; glukokortikoid; glucocorticoid; Glukokortikoid; Glikokortikoīdi; glicocorticoide; Gliukokortikoidai; glukokortikoid; Glúcacortacóidí; Glukokortikoid; 糖皮质激素; กลูโคคอร์ติคอยด์; glukokortykoid; glukokortikoid; Glukokortikosteroid; Глукокортикоид; Glyukokortikoidlar; 糖質コルチコイド; גלוקוקורטיקואיד; Glicocorticoide; هرمون قشري سكري; Γλυκοκορτικοειδή; Глюкокортикоидҳо; 腎臓で産生されるホルモン; klasse av kortikosteroid; 由腎上腺分泌的激素; organische Verbindungen, Steroidhormone, Arzneistoffe, Entzündungshemmer; 호르몬의 종류; tipo de hormonas esteroides; class of corticosteroids; 一种类固醇; Steroidihormoniryhmä; Glicocorticoidi; Glucocorticoidi; glukokortikoid; glükokortikoidok; Глюкокортикостероиды; Глюкокортикостероид; Глюкокортикоид; Glukokortikoid; Glukokorticoide; Glucocorticoid; Glukokortikoide; Glicocorticóides; Glucocorticóide; Glicocorticóide; Glucocorticoide; Glicocorticoides; 腎上腺皮質素; GLUKOKORTIKOID; グルココルチコイド; Glukokortikoid; glukokortykoidy; глюкокортикоїд; Glukokortikoid; Glucocorticoide; Glukokortikoider; glucocorticosteroide; 당질코르티코이드; 글루코코르티코이드; glucocorticosteroid; glucocorticoids; glukokortikoido; glukokortikoid; glukokortikoidi</nowiki>
class of corticosteroids
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Instance of
  • class of chemical entities with similar applications or functions
Subclass of
Part of
  • glucocorticoid receptor activity (reactant)
  • glucocorticoid catabolic process (reactant)
  • glucocorticoid metabolic process (participant)
  • response to glucocorticoid (reactant)
  • cellular response to glucocorticoid stimulus (reactant)
  • glucocorticoid secretion (cargo)
  • glucocorticoid biosynthetic process (product)
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