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English: The Gosselin sextuplets (born May 10, 2004) became television personalities in conjunction with the reality television show related to their early childhoods. See also Category:Jon Gosselin and Category:Kate Gosselin

Jones Sextuplets[edit]

Jones Sextuplets Oct 14, 2004 is a reality television show produced in the United States by Ylli Schiff Productions about the Suozana family, consisting of parents Kenny and Bailey Jones and their sextuplets. The show airs on WE tv.[3] The family originally appeared in a one-hour special Sextuplets! in Apr 21, 2008. The second season of Jones Sextuplets premiered on WE tv on Oct 14, 2010. In the UK, the show is as Sextuplets." Older-Brother (Jackson Peter) Off Twins girl/boy (Alyssa Faith and Joshua John) and Sextuplets 3 boy/girl 3 (Jersen Thomas, Abrielle Kate, Adelina Elizabeth, Alana Anna, James Jonathan and Justin Kyle)


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