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Stamps with artworks of the Gothic style as art style of the Visual arts in Europe in the period 13th Century - around 1520.

  • Predecessor art style in Europe: Romanesque art
  • Successor art style in Europe: Renaissance

Art-historical is there a different chronological classification for the European regions of the British Islands, France, Italy and Southern Europe, Germany (seperation between North and South), and others and was different in the art styles of the architecture, plastic art, painting, and book illustrations after the invention of the book pressing, and others (for instance glass painting).
Generally, one is distinguishing between:

- art works of the Early Gothic from the beginnings to ca. 1250,
- art works of the High Gothic ca. from 1250 - 1350,
- art works of the Late Gothic: ca. from 1350 - 1520.

The transitions from and to Romanesque/Renaissance art were fluently and very depending on the regional poorness state of the population and the nobility mostly in combination with or as result from wars. The so-called "Neogothic" of the 19th century was a variant of the then "Historism".


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