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English: Gu Yanwu , was a Chinese philologist and geographer. He spent his youth in anti-Manchu activities at a time when the Ming Dynasty had been overthrown. He never served the Qing Dynasty. Instead, he traveled throughout the country and devoted himself to studies.
中文: 顾炎武(),原名忠清亡后,以慕文天祥學生王炎午為人,改名炎武,字宁人,亦自署蒋山傭。学者尊为亭林先生南直隶(清改江南省苏州府昆山县(今江苏苏州昆山)人,明末初著名的思想家、史学家、语言学家。知識淵博,與黃宗羲王夫之並為明末清初三大儒

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