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Italiano: Gerone I (conosciuto anche come Ierone) (... – Catania, 466 a.C.) fu tiranno di Siracusa dal 478 a.C. alla morte.
<nowiki>Hierón I; Hierón I; Hieron I.a; Hieró I; Hieron I. von Syrakus; Hieroni; Хијерон I; 希羅一世; Hiero I of Syracuse; ჰიერონ I; ヒエロン1世; Hieron I av Syrakusa; Гієрон I; Hieron I Syracusanus; Hieron I; Hierón I.; Gerone I; Hiéron Ier; Giruni I; Hijeron I; Хијерон I; Hieron I ng Siracusa; Hierão I; היירון הראשון; Хиерон I; Hieron 1.; Hieron 1.; Hijeron I od Sirakuze; Hiëro I van Syracuse; Hierón I.; Hierão I; Гиерон I; Hiero I of Syracuse; Hieron I; Ιέρων Α' των Συρακουσών; Hieron I; tiranno di Gela e di Siracusa; tyran de Syracuse; שליט סירקוסאי מ-478 עד 467 לפנה"ס; politicus; tirà de Siracusa; Tyrann von Gela und Syrakus; Gelan ja Syrakusan tyranni; Tyrant of Syracuse from 478 to 467 BC; тиран Сиракуз; tirano de Siracusa y Gela; Hieron I de Siracusa; Hierón I de Siracusa; Hieron I; Hieron Ier; Hiéron de Syracuse; Hieron 01; Hijeron I; Hieró I de Siracusa; Ierone di Siracusa; Ierone I; Ierone I di Siracusa; Gerone I di Siracusa; Hieron I.; Hiero I. von Syrakus; Hiero I.; Hieron; Hieron of Syracuse; Hiero I; Giruni di Sarausa; Giruni; Geroni; Херон I; Hiero I van Syracuse; Hiëro I; Hiero I</nowiki>
Hiero I of Syracuse 
Tyrant of Syracuse from 478 to 467 BC
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Date of birth6th century BC (statement with Gregorian date earlier than 1584)
Date of death466 BC (statement with Gregorian date earlier than 1584)
Position held
  • tyrant of Syracuse (477 BC – 466 BC)
  • Deinomenes
  • Gelo
  • Polyzelus
  • Thrasivoulos of Syracuse
  • Deinomenes the Younger
Award received
  • Olympic victor, keles (472 BC)
  • Olympic victor, tethrippon (4-horse chariot) (468 BC)
Authority file
Wikidata Q335634
ISNI: 0000000022192024
VIAF ID: 5725505, 514159474048227660006
GND ID: 118704664
Library of Congress authority ID: n93104590
National Library of Israel J9U ID: 987007394163705171
Olympedia people ID: 2800419
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