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History of Java Museum (id); History of Java Museum (en) museum di Indonesia (id); museum in Indonesia (en); Museu em Bantul, Indonésia (pt)
History of Java Museum 
museum in Indonesia
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LocationBantul, Special Region of Yogyakarta, Indonesia
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  • Jl. Parangtritis Km 5.5 ( Pyramid Cafe) Tarudan Bangunharjo Sewon Bantul Regency Special Region of Yogyakarta Tarudan, Tarudan, Bangunharjo, Sewon, Bantul Regency, Special Region of Yogyakarta 55188
  • 2018
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7° 50′ 38″ S, 110° 21′ 44.1″ E
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History Of Java Museum (Javanese History Museum) - Jogjakarta, Central Java

The History of Java Museum, an icon of the newest tourist area in Yogyakarta, was built with a unique, very inspiring and philosophical building design. Describing the Gunungan Symbol in the Wayang story, symbolizing Human Life (Golong Gilig) Manunggaling Soul, Taste, Creation, Initiative and Work in our lives.

This Javanese History Museum (also known as Museum.HOJ) is a Miniature of Javanese History and Civilization Culture which presents a display of museum collection objects wrapped with modern IT technology innovations, where the world of Internet of Things (I.O.T) has become a necessity in this 5.0 era.

The story line of the museum's narrative flow is clear and very easy to understand, starting with the formation of the History of the Land of Java 2.5 million years ago, the origins of Ancient Human History, the beginning of the great Austronesian migration, the history of the first Javanese Civilization, the arrival of Hindu-Buddhist cultural influences, the influence of the entry of Islamic symbols and its culture to the history of the greatness of the Islamic Kingdom in the Land of Java. Starting from the relics of the Islamic Mataram Palace, collections of objects from the Surakarta Palace to Mangkunegaran.

This modern I.T museum is located on the main provincial road with a yard with a capacity for 20 jumbo buses, and 1 way (one way) to our other tourist attractions.

Facilities available: 1. Watched 2x animated films and 3D Jumbo screen

2. Advanture History Java Tour (relics from prehistoric times to the Hamengku Buwono and Pakubuwono Collections) guided by a multi-language Story Teller.

3. Free ancient Javanese costumes for photo sessions in Studio 7 different backgrounds and accessories (can be used for class photos / school photos / corporate photos together) .. large hall studio capacity for 150 people

4. Free learning LKS (Student Worksheet) from Kindergarten - High School. Material is given. Go to the institution.

5. Free game GIANT SNAKE LADDER (Giant Snakes and Ladders) learning Javanese Language and Puppet Philosophy

6. Dozens of angled photo spots on Little Malioboro Street are instagramable. (for Outdoor events for School/Corporate/Community activities with a capacity of 1000 people) equipped with a Giant Stage - full sound system

In addition to participating in preserving and spreading the community's sense of love for the nation's cultural history, restoring understanding and pride in the importance of cultural values ​​inherited from the ancestors and Islamic history that was built thousands of years ago, making the Java History Museum (HOJ) a Pilot Museum and The Peace Clinic, with its pluralism values ​​that are very thick with its diversity and Pancasila, makes the reference museum a center for history & culture-based education for students throughout the archipelago.

History of Java, the Java History Museum wrapped with contemporary IT throughout Jogjakarta, is a tourist destination for today's millennial families who are ready to collaborate with all educational institutions and services to the community in the fields of research, observation, history and culture. And ready to hold a Virtual Tour according to the level of education with multi-language.

History of Java Museum became Pilot Project & Shooting Location WONDERFUL INDONESIA NEW NORMAL ERA ( CHSES) by the Indonesian Ministry of Tourism, is in ONE WAY with TOURISM OBJECTS :

  • Fruit Garden Building
  • Parangtritis beach
  • Pandansari Beach
  • Depok Beach
  • Surf in Gumuk Sand Parangkusumo
  • Rice fields Sukorame Building
  • Pine forests Mangunan dan Beautiful Pine Forest
  • Bukit Lintang Sewu Building
  • Becici Peak
  • Panguk Hill Kediwung
  • Heaven's Door Dahromo
  • Pine Pengger
  • Sribu Nature Tour Sky Songgo Stone
  • House of Culture Tembi
  • Flower garden Celosia & Sun, Puppet Museum Kekayon along with HM . Museum Suharto.


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