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English: Dorsal stripe (informal Eel stripe) is a stripe that runs dorsally on a horse's back. The best known is the "primitive marking" or "true" dorsal stripe, which is always present in horses carrying the dun gene and is usually the same shade as the mane and tail. It generally is always visible and does not fade seasonally. There also exists a "countershading" dorsal stripe that is unrelated to the dun gene that is usually a few shades darker than the surrounding hair coat but not generally related to the color of the mane and tail. Both dorsal and countershading types are sharp and uniform. A countershading stripe may lighten or darken with the seasons, but is usually detectable. There are also seasonal dorsal stripe patterns, sometimes called "fake" stripes, that can be irregular and smudgy, and often vary between the winter or summer coat. For example, the roan pattern can leave a stripe-like dorsal area less affected than the rest of the body, resulting in a vaguely dorsal stripe -like appearance.


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