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A list of files with their predicted Facebook source link is given at Log_of_files_added_with_predicted_Facebook_links_to_original. Check the list if you are reviewing the file for potential copyright or source problems.

The purpose of this category is to discover filenames with Facebook photo identities for an individual review and potential move to more meaningful names, or deletion if appropriate depending on the sources, uploader, description or any identifiable copyright violation. Mass deletion is not supported by policy or speedy deletion guidelines when there is a reasonable assumption that many, possibly most, files with names of this type are being uploaded in good faith by the original photographer who happens to have also uploaded the image to their personal Facebook photo album.

The category was populated by Faebot (starting in November 2013) which will not re-add this category once removed from an image. This may become a regular housekeeping task in the future if proven useful.

Comment for Adminstrators—mass deletion of files without evidence of individual review is likely to lead to mass undeletion, please ensure a policy based rationale is included in the deletion log. See the background at Commons:Village_pump#Uploads_from_Facebook_needing_attention and the mass undeletion request at Commons:UNDEL#Files_in_Category:Images_using_filenames_with_Facebook_photo_identities.

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