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<nowiki>Itzcóatl; Itzcóatl; Itzcōātl; Ицкоатль; Itzcóatl; 伊兹柯阿特尔; Itzcóatl; იცკოატლი; イツコアトル; Izcoatl; Іцкоатль; Itzcóatl; Itzcóatl; Itzcóatl; Itzcoatl; Itzcóatl; Itzcoatl; Itzcoatl; Itzcóatl; Ickoatlis; Itzcóatl; Itzcóatl; Itzcoatl; Ītzcóātl; Itzcoatl; Itzcoatl; Itzcóatl; איצקואטל; Itzcoatl; Itzcoatl; Itzcoatl; Itzcoatl; 이츠코아틀; cuarto tlatoani (gobernante) de los mexicas (1427-1440); quatrième tlatoani de Tenochtitlan et fondateur de l'Empire aztèque; קיסר אצטקי; monarch uit Mexico (1380-1440); Herrscher von Tenochtitlán (1427–1440); 4th Aztec emperor; politico azteco; tlatoani (král) Aztécké říše; cuarto tlatoani dos mexicas (1427-1440); Itzcoatl; Itzcóatl; Itzcoatl; Itzcōhuātl; Itzcóatl; Itzcóatl; Itzcoatl; Izcoatl; Itzcóatl; Itzcoatl; Itzcoatl; Itzcoatl; Itzcōhuātl; Īzcóātl; Ītzcóātl; Īzcoatl; Itzcoatl; Itzcóātl; Ītzcóatl; Izcoatl; Ītzcoātl; Itzcoātl; Īzcóatl; Ītzcoatl; Izcóatl; Izcóātl; Izcoātl; Īzcoātl; Itzcoatl; Ickoal</nowiki>
4th Aztec emperor
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Date of birth1380 (statement with Gregorian date earlier than 1584)
Date of death1440
Position held
  • Tezozomoc
  • Huacaltzintli
Authority file
Wikidata Q318072
ISNI: 000000003368557X
VIAF ID: 50074141
GND ID: 121123243
Library of Congress authority ID: n98007153
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English: Itzcóatl ("Obsidian Serpent") was the fourth emperor of the Aztecs, ruling from 1427 (or 1428) to 1440. He was a son of Acamapichtli and brother of his heir Huitzilíhuitl.


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