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English: Type 79 - ATGM(anti-tank guided missile) Type 79 of en:Japan Ground Self-Defense Force (JGSDF).Also used against en:landing craft(対舟艇 means against landing craft, and 対戦車 means anti tank). For some reasons, this missile is called "Type 79 HMAT(Heavy MAT)",or "Type 79 Jyu-MAT (,重MAT. Called じゅうまっと, Jyu Matto)" in Japan, not "ATM". "Jyu( in Kanji)" means "heavy" in Japanese. And "for AFV version" of this missile is installed on Type 89 IFV.
日本語: 79式対舟艇対戦車誘導弾 - ja:陸上自衛隊で用いられているja:79式対舟艇対戦車誘導弾ja:戦車ja:上陸用舟艇に用いられる。通称:重MAT(じゅうまっと)、HMAT、H-MAT。車載型がja:89式装甲戦闘車に搭載されているが、地上使用型との互換性は無い。

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