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dmḏ, dmd, dm (S23) —(en:Gardiner's Sign List)

Egyptian hieroglyph: Knotted strips of cloth: determinative/log of unite

(dmḏ): reassemble dismembered body, assemble, bring together people; associate with, join someone, unite lands, accumulate grain, compile spell, extend hand.
(dm): det sharpen; pronounce, proclaim name, mention by name, be renowned of office.
nḫȝḫȝ (S45) Category:Flail (hieroglyph) and
šnw (V9) Category:Shen ring (hieroglyph)
Similar form:
tmȝ, ṯmȝ (Aa6) det mat; cadaster; phon-det tma, tjma. Category:Tma symbol (hieroglyph)
See also: smȝ (F36) Category:Union symbol (hieroglyph)

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