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English: KOTE (armored sleeves) These sleeves are usually of textile material, often silk brocade,

padded, laced with the small cords upon the inside of the arm and covered with mail, small metal plates, or quilting having small plates of metal or hide sewn inside each quilt. Gauntlets (tekko), or covers of metal plates for the back of the hand, are attached to the kote. there are many varieties such as ubu-dzutsu, bishamon, shino-odatsugi, ainaka-gote, and others. The shino, odawara-inari, and aigote have more advantages than the others named, especially for officers. Aigote (in which the two sleeves are connected) Kigote is a general term for the kote extended or completed by the addition of erisuwari (padded collar), kata-ate (shoulder pads)

and wakabiki (armpit protectors). There are several kinds such as the jubangote ( kote with shirt), Tominaga kote (named after its inventor), kote Haramaki ( kote that cover even the belly) or kogusoku-kote (armor-like kote ). The difference from each other is not big and you have to compare directly, in order to understand the differences.
Français : partie d'armure japonaise, protection de bras.


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