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English: The Leaside Bus Company Ltd was a London bus operator that was incorporated on 14 December 1988 as part of the splitting up of London Buses Ltd, which was one of the stages in the process of privatisation of London bus services. As a London Buses subsidiary, it adopted the brand name of Leaside alongside a logo representing a Swan, which appeared on buses in addition to the uniform branding already being used by London Buses before the split. The company was fully privatised in December 1994 when it was sold to the Cowie Group, their second purchase of an ex-London Buses operator, after buying South London Transport Ltd (South London). In Cowie ownership, the livery was changed to allover red, with a corporate Cowie style adopted, featuring a horizontal stripe across the front, and two large yellow stripes sweeping diagonally up the rear of buses. The swan logo was dropped, but the Leaside name retained, in a corporate typeface, presented alongside the corporate Cowie logo. In November 1997 the Cowie Group was rebranded as Arriva plc, which involved a renaming of bus operating subsidiaries into a common Arriva format. Accordingly on 2 April 1998 Leaside Bus Company Ltd was renamed Arriva London North Ltd. As part of this rebranding, all of Arriva's London operations eventually adopted a common identity, a red variant of the corporate Arriva scheme adopted outside London - see Category:Arriva London for information and images relating to the period after that renaming.


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