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Deutsch: Leonardo M. Nierman (* 1. November 1932 in Mexiko-Stadt) ist ein mexikanischer Künstler.
English: Leonardo Nierman (born November 1, 1932), full name Leonardo Nierman Mendelejis, is a Mexican artist mostly known for his painting and sculpture. He at first wanted to be a violinist, but gave it up after twenty years when he compared a recording of his playing with that of Yehudi Menuhin. However, his musical training has been a major influence on his painting and sculpture, reproducing movement and harmony as Nierman sees similarities between the two disciplines. Nierman has had exhibitions in Mexico and abroad and over sixty recognitions of his work, half of which are from outside of Mexico. His work is abstract but still with discernible images from nature such as birds, water, lightning and more. His paintings are in pure colors while his sculptures are generally of metal, often silver-toned.
Español: Leonardo Nierman Mendelejis (1 de noviembre de 1932, Ciudad de México) es un pintor y escultor mexicano. Sus obras se distinguen por el uso de colores vibrantes.