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Rudolf Hoffmann (1820–1882) was a lithographer who worked in Vienna, Austria in the mid 1800s.[1][2] Hoffmann signed his lithographs as "Rud. Hoffmann". His full name is given as "Rudolph Hoffmann" in some references from his period,[1] but in at least one folio containing his work his first name was spelled "Rudolf".[3]

His works include a series of 100 lithographic portraits of "distinguished natural scientists" of the middle 1800s which are often reproduced. The portraits were based on photographs of the scientists. These were collected in a folio volume: Lenoir, George André () (in german) Gallerie ausgezeichneter Naturforscher, Vienna, Austria OCLC: 46724612. .

One of his lithographs, Venetianische Ständchen (1857), is listed in the collection of the British Museum. It was based on a painting by Franz Pitner (1826 - 1892), and included in a folio album entitled Wiener Kūnstler (Viennese Artists).[3] One copy of his lithographic portrait of George Washington (undated) is in the collection of the Museum of Fine Arts in Boston;[4] it was based on a painting by Gilbert Stuart, and was included in a folio volume published in Vienna by Paterno.[1]


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