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English: London Underground A60 Stock was a batch of 19 sub-surface trains that Cravens of Sheffield built for London Underground in 1960. A62 Stock was a second batch of identical 39 trains that Cravens built in 1962. These trains were built for use on the Metropolitan and East London lines. Together the two batches were called simply "A" stock, as there was no need to distinguish between the 60 and 62 batches, or between either of these and a class of trains built in 1903 and also called "A Stock". The trains were withdrawn from service on the East London Line in 2007 (when the line closed for major line extension and track replacement work to become part of the London Overground network) and on the Metropolitan Line in 2012 (when it was replaced by the S Stock). Having served for 51 years, at the time of final withdrawal the A Stock was the oldest train on the London Underground and also on any metro system in Europe. With a maximum speed of 70 mph, it was the fastest train on the London Underground and the world's fastest 4th rail train. It was also the last London Underground train with no automated announcements, the only one with luggage racks and umbrella hooks, the only one with tranverse seating only, and the only one with separate motoring and braking controls.


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