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 M. Welte & Sons, New York (1865-c.1917) by Emil Welte
  • Story of the Welte Company. Seewen SO: Museum für Musikautomaten.
    "​ In 1865 Emil Welte (1841-1923, the founder's son) established a subsidiary in New York under the name M. Welte & Sons; the venture lasted until 1917. As a German enterprise, it was ordered to cease trading during the First World War. "
 M. Welte & Sons. Inc., New York (1912-?)
  • The History of M. Welte & Sons, Freiburg and New York (wiki). (
    "​ In 1912 an new company was founded, the „M. Welte & Sons. Inc.“ in New York, which built a new factory in Poughkeepsie, N.Y. / [image 2] The Factory Building in Poughkeepsie, N.Y. about 1913 "
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