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Čeština: Maxthon je webový prohlížeč
English: Maxthon is web browser
freeware web browser for Microsoft Windows and macOS that is developed in China
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Maxthon в Windows 7
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Instance of web browser,
spyware (
LocationPeople's Republic of China
Language of work or name
Owned by
  • Maxthon International
  • Maxthon International
Platform personal computer, mobile computer
Operating system Microsoft Windows, Android, iOS, macOS, Linux
Software version identifier
  • 5.2.7 (1 March 2019, stable version)
  • 2004
Publication date
  • 2004
official website
Authority control
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Maxthon (es); 傲遊瀏覽器 (yue); Maxthon (hu); Maxthon (ru); Maxthon (de); Մաքսթոն (hy); 傲游浏览器 (zh); Maxthon (tr); Maxthon (ja); Maxthon (sk); מקסתון (he); 傲遊瀏覽器 (zh-hant); 傲游浏览器 (wuu); Maxthon (uz); Maxthon (cs); Maxthon (it); Maxthon (fr); Maxthon (yi); Maxthon (pt); 맥스톤 (ko); Maxthon (ro); مکستون (fa); Maxthon (ka); 傲遊瀏覽器 (zh-hk); Maxthon (nl); Maxthon (id); แมกซ์ทอน (th); Maxthon (pl); Maxthon (nb); Maxthon (az); Maxthon (fi); Maxthon (sah); 傲遊瀏覽器 (lzh); Maxthon (ca); Maxthon (en); ماكسثون (ar); 傲游浏览器 (zh-hans); Maxthon (uk) Çin'de Microsoft Windows ve MacOSX için geliştirilmiş ücretsiz Web Tarayıcısı (tr); logiciel informatique (fr); бесплатный веб-браузер для Microsoft Windows, OS X систем, созданный китайской компанией Maxthon International Limited (ru); webový prehliadač (sk); darmowa przeglądarka internetowa dla Microsoft Windows i Mac OS X (pl); Freeware Browser (de); freeware web browser for Microsoft Windows and macOS that is developed in China (en) MyIE2 (es); 遨游瀏覽器, 傲游瀏覽器, Maxthon (yue); MyIE2, MyIE (fr); Mx3, Maxthon 3, Макстон, MyIE2, MyIE, Maxthon 2, Maxthon 4, Maxthon 5 (ru); MyIE2 (de); Maxthon, 傲遊瀏覽器, 傲游, MyIE2 (zh); Махтҳон (uz); MyIE2 (tr); 傲游, MyIE2 (ja); מאקסטאן (yi); Maxthon Browser (ro); MyIE2 (sk); Maxthon, แม็กซ์ธอน, MyIE, แม็กซ์ทอน, มายไออี2, มายไออี 2, แมกซ์ธอน, MyIE2, MyIE 2, มายไออี (th); מקסטון, MyIE2, Maxthon (he); MyIE2 (hu); 遨遊瀏覽器, Maxthon, 遨游瀏覽器, 傲游瀏覽器 (lzh); MyIE2 (it); 傲游瀏覽器 (wuu); Maxthon, 맥쏜, 맥손 (ko); MyIE2 (en); ماكسون (ar); MyIE (cs); მაქსტონი (ka)

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