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English: For categorization at Wikimedia Commons, Mazes refer to multicursal (mulitiple path) puzzles with branching directions and dead-end paths, a type of labyrinth (any structure designed for someone to pass through with twists and turns. Unicursal (one path) structures where the participant cannot make choices or get lost should remain in the parent category labyrinths. By this definition, structures named "labyrinth" may be best categorized as mazes.
<nowiki>laberinto; 迷宮; Labirintus; Ohohuihcan; Labirinto; llaberintu; دولانتاپ; Irrgarten; Labyrinth; maze; باغ پر پیچ و خم; Лабиринт; labyrint; بھل بھلئیاں; 迷路; 미로; labyrint; 迷路园; מבוך; ဝင်္ကပါ; 迷路園; Labirinto; лябірынт; sokkelo; лабиринт; Maze; labyrintt; புதிர்வழி; labirinto; গোলকধাঁধা; labyrinthe; labirin; labürint; 迷路園; лабиринт; Բավիղ; labirin; Лабіринт; Labirint; Mê cung; Labirynt; labirints; doolhof; Labberänt; labirint; 迷路園; Labirint; лабірынт; เขาวงกต; Labyrint; ലാബ്രിന്ത്; doolhof; laberint; labirintoludo; بھول بھلیاں; भूलभुलैया; maze; متاهة; Milendall; bludiště; rompicapo nel quale bisogna trovare l'uscita ed esistono false piste; ধাঁধা খেলা; casse tête formant un chemin complexe dont il faut trouver la sortie; סוג של חידה; puzzel waarbij de juiste route moet worden gekozen om het eindpunt te bereiken; структура, состоящая из запутанных путей к выходу; Spiel oder Rätsel mit ineinander verschlungenen Wegen; 복잡한 길을 찾아 출발점부터 시작해 도착점까지 도달하는 퍼즐; puzzle game in the form of a complex branching passage; xuegu de rompecabeces en forma d'un complexu pasaxe ramificáu; labirinto multiviario; labirinto multicursale; 迷図; 迷路作品; labyrinth; Labyrinth; מבוך גן; 迷路园; labyrint</nowiki>
puzzle game in the form of a complex branching passage
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