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English: For mimics, comparisons of mimics and models, and other mimicry related media.
"Mimicry" is a term referring to animals or plants resembling other animals, plants, or even inanimate objects, for better survival, hunting or mating success. "Mimesis" is mimicry specifically resembling plants or inanimate objects (e.g. rocks or bird droppings). "Crypsis" is a general term for animals and plants resembling their preferred surroundings in color.
similarity of one species to another
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Subclass of crypsis
Different from
  • evolutionary similarity of species
  • aggressive mimicry
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mimetismo (es); Mimikri (hu); Mimetismo (eu); Kemimikan (ms); Mimikry (de); Aithris (ga); وانمایی (fa); Мимикрия (bg); Mimicry (da); Mimetism (ro); 擬態 (ja); mimikra (pl); Mimikry (cs); Mimikry (sv); Мимикрија (sr-ec); חקיינות בטבע (he); mimicry (en); 擬態 (zh-hant); 拟态 (zh-cn); mimicry (nl); 의태 (ko); Әлеуметтік мимикрия (kk); Kamuflimito (eo); мимикрија (mk); мимикрия (ru); mimetismo (it); Mimikrija (sr-el); mimétisme (fr); अनुहरण (hi); Mimikri (et); 擬態 (zh-hk); അനുകരണം (ml); Gí-thài (nan); מימיקרי (yi); mimetismo (pt); Arrishaght (gv); bắt chước (vi); mimetisme (ca); Mimikry (fi); Mimikrija (lt); Мимикрија (sr); Mimetizem (sl); Мімікрія (uk); Mimikrija (hr); 拟态 (zh-sg); Mimikri (id); mimikry (nn); mimikry (nb); 擬態 (zh-tw); 拟态 (zh); Мимикрия (ky); পতংগৰ অনুকাৰিতা আৰু ছদ্মাবৰণ (as); Мімікрыя (be); Mimetismo (gl); تنكر (ar); 拟态 (zh-hans); Միմիկրիա (hy) Adaptación (es); Ähnlichkeit gewisser Tier- und Pflanzenarten mit anderen Arten (de); similarity of one species to another (en); التشابه بين نوعٍ وآخر (ar); Likheter med andra arter som har en skyddande inverkan (sv) mimetismo fanerico, mimetismo aggressivo (it); ミミクリ, ミミクリー (ja); mimétique, mimétismes, mimetisme (fr); മിമിക്രി, Mimicry (ml); Skyddande likhet (sv); Kamuflaje (eu); Batesisk mimikry, Müllersk mimikry, Beskyttelseslikhet, Vernelikhet, Mimetisk art, Mimicry (nb); Mimicry van Peckham, Mimicry van Müller, Mimicry van Muller, Mimicry van Bates, mimicrie, nabootsing, mimicrae (nl); маскировка животных (ru); 擬態, 米氏擬態 (zh); Batessche Mimikry, Scheinwarntracht, Mimikri, Peckhamsche Mimikry (de); Mimético, Coloração protetora, Imitação (pt); Mimikrija (sl); coloración criptica, coloracion criptica, camuflaje, coloracion críptica, mimetizan (es); Mimikra, Miméze, Mimeze, Mimetismus (cs); Lighedsværn (da)


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