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English: Monism is the philosophical view that a variety of existing things can be explained in terms of a single reality or substance. The wide definition states that all existing things go back to a source which is distinct from them (e.g. in Neoplatonism everything is derived from The One). A commonly-used, restricted definition of monism asserts the presence of a unifying substance or essence. Monism is contrasted with Dualism (philosophy) and Pluralism (philosophy).
<nowiki>monismo; Монизм; einhyggja; مونىيزم; یوګون‌پالنه; Монизъм; monism; تنقیدی اکائیت; monizmus; монізм; Монизм; 一元论; Monizm; Монизм; monismo; monismus; Monizam; monisme; monizam; अद्वैतवाद; thuyết nhất nguyên; مونىيزم; Monïzm; Monisme; монизам; 一元论; Монизм; monisme; monisme; Monizm; ಏಕತ್ವವಾದ; monism; واحدية; 一元論; monizmus; monismo; Monismu; монизм; Monismus; манізм; Монизам; 一元论; Monisme (filosofy); მონიზმი; 一元論; מוניזם; Monismus; 一元论; monismi; monismo; μονισμός; 일원론; Monizam; Monism; 一元論; Монизам; 一元論; monisme; Монизм; 一元論; monismo; monism; Monïzm; Monisme; monizmas; monisme; monizm; Մոնիզմ; monisme; เอกนิยม; monizm; ਅਦੈਵਤਵਾਦ; Monizam; Монизм; monisme; احديت; یگانه‌انگاری; monismo; monismo; 一元论; манізм; her şeyin bir tek zorunluluğun, ilkenin, madde veya enerjiden olduğunu iddia eden veya tek bir tözden kaynaklandığını savunan felsefi görüş; філязофская канцэпцыя; pogląd filozoficzny; תפיסה פילוסופית לפיה העולם פועל לפי עקרון בודד.; filosofie; философская концепция; philosophisches Konzept und metaphysisches Weltbild; Thuyết Nhất Nguyên cho rằng thế giới thuộc về MỘT bản chất, nguyên lý hay năng lượng; view that attributes oneness or singleness to a concept; نظرية فلسفية; postura filosófica; postura filosòfica; monista; Monism; moniste; monistes; Монист; Monist; Monistisch; Nhất nguyên luận; یگانه انگاری; مونیسم; Monism; 一元論; Monistisk; Monist; Monist; Monistik; Monizm; 一元主義; Monizm atrybucyjny; Monismen; Monist; Neutraal monisme; Monista; Monística; Teísmo monístico; 1원론; 1원관; non dualismo; nondualismo; non-dualità; واحدي; واحديه; أحادية; Monizmus; Monista; Monistes</nowiki>
view that attributes oneness or singleness to a concept
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