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Morin khuur (Mongolian: морин хуур) is a traditional Mongolian bowed stringed instrument. It is one of the most important musical instruments of the Mongol people, and is considered a symbol of the Mongolian nation.

The full Classical Mongolian name for the morin khuur is morin-u toloγai tai quγur, ᠮᠥᠷᠢᠨ ᠲᠥᠯᠦᠭᠠᠢ ᠲᠠᠢ ᠬᠣᠭᠣᠷ, (In modern Khalkh cyrillic: Морин толгойтой хуур) meaning fiddle with a horse's head. Usually it is abbreviated as "Morin huur", "ᠮᠥᠷᠢᠨ ᠬᠣᠭᠣᠷ", ("Морин Хуур"). In western Mongolia it is known as ikil (Mongolian: икил) — not to be confused with the similar Tuvan igil — while in eastern Mongolia it is known as shoor (Mongolian: Шоор). It is known in Chinese as matouqin (馬頭琴 or simplified 马头琴}).


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