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English: Morris Cowley

Engine: 69.5 x 102mm = 1548cc

Nominal horsepower 11.9


Motor Show October 1920

Motor Show October 1921 (7/11/1921)
  • Four seater two-door tourer chassis identical to Morris Oxford except for the engine starter. Upholstery is grey Pegamoid and the windscreen is a single piece but for 30% more the Morris Oxford provides something more de luxe or for 52% more a high class all weather model

Motor Show October 1922

Motor Show October 1923 (3/11/1923)
Morris has made lately no material alteration in their general design gives desc of engine
Motor Show October 1924 (30/9/1924) no change but details engine
(17/10/1924) "as popular as ever" lists equipment and outdated speedo drive. Prices
Motor Show October 1925 (9/10/1925)
Cars now have four-wheel brakes. Saloon is two doors
  • Chassis £142.10.0

Motor Show October 1926

new flat-nose models advertised 11 September 1926

  • Tourer 4-seater, £172.10.0 Has a door either side, tipping front seats, detachable pleated upholstery, six lamps, clock, speedometer, petrol gauge, radiator thermometer driving mirror, dash ventilator
  • 11.9 saloon with two doors, tipping and adjustable front seats more (22/10/1926)
Road test 4 January 1927

Motor Show October 1927 (14/10/1927)
recipe remains the same

Motor Show October 1928 (3/9/1928)
Four models dome-back saloon with four doors, six side windows, the glasses of the four in the doors being movable, a two-seater, a dome-back coupé of the three-quarter pattern and a four-seater tourer.. All vehicles have bumpers, electric horns, locks to the closed cars also dipping headlights. Greater safety is offered by the lowered chassis of the 11.9 and 14/32 models. more (11/10/1928)


Motor Show October 1929
Five Cowleys: fixed head and folding(new) head saloons; two-seater;tourer and coupé all with 11.9 hp engine

(Detail 16/10/1930)

Motor Show October 1930
Six Cowleys taller radiator, redesigned cylinder head,
  • Chassis £160

New Body shape, longer bonnet, divided radiator

(29/8/1931) The Morris Cowley chassis has been altered considerably, redesigned coachwork to give a more attractive appearance and greater general comfort, the cambering of the leading edge of the roof to reduce needless wind resistance, petrol tank at the rear of the body, chromium finish to all bright pats, provision of Magna type wire wheels, lockheed hydraulic brakes, larger brakes, longer more resilient springs. 11.9hp and 14/32 available at same price.

Motor Show October 1931 the Cowley was available with either the 11.9hp (1548 cc) engine or the 14/32hp (1802cc) engine either engine for the same price. Morris Cowley (1932)
  • Saloon four-door, six-light, domed back coachbuilt £185 fixed head £179.10.0
  • Coupe with sliding head, eddy free front, large hub wire wheels £190 (29/8/1931)
  • Sports coupé £215
  • Chassis £135
  • Travellers saloon £195

Motor Show October 1932 (1/9/1932 and 14/10/1932) "The Morris Cowley engine has been altered and it is stated to give a much-improved performance" Also provided with a four speed twin-top gearbox and hydraulic shock absorbers.(Well-known: frame is downswept, steering is by cam, four wheel brakes are hydraulic. WB & T 8'9", 4ft.
  • Chassis £135
  • Saloon with sliding head and full equipment £185. The four cylinders are 69.5x102mm capacity 1550cc, wb 8'9", track 4'0" (14/10/32)

Motor Show October 1933

(28/8/1933) Appearance transformed new and lower frame with X-bracing

  • New (entirely new) model, Morris Cowley Six (Morris Ten Six 57 x 90=1378 12.09hp) (28/8/1933) Morris Cowley-Six

Along with all other Morris cars now Syncromesh four-speed gearbox, dipping headlights, hydraulic shock absorbers, leather upholstery, hydraulic brakes, rear petrol tank, direction indicators, safety glass, battery master switches, automatic ignition

  • Saloon fixed head Cowley Four £195

fresh radiator and new side by side valve engine of 69.5 x 102mm=1548cc and this is the Twelve-Four

Cowley Six engine 63.5x102mm=1938cc (6/4 of a Ten-Four) 36 bhp at 3,400 rpm and this is Fifteen horsepower
  • Saloon fixed and sliding head £215 and £220, special coupé £265

Display ad (1/9/1933) cruciform cross-braced chassis frames equipoise flexible engine mountings. Cowley 4-cylinder car has been re-designed

From the brochure "Morris 1934, Cowley Four and Cowley Six" "The Morris Cowleys for 1934 are more attractive than ever. There is a transformed Four, with an entirely new engine and a new and lower frame with X-bracing, that gives additional strength, greater safety and surprisingly improved appearance. In addition there is the new Cowley Six rated at 15 hp, a dignified, luxurious car with electrifying acceleration and marked ease of control."


(5/12/1933) Cowley Six road test