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<nowiki>Sr. Frío; 急凍人; Mr. Fagy; Mr. Freeze; Mr. Freeze; Mr. Freeze; آقای فریز; 急冻人; Mr. Freeze; ミスター・フリーズ; Mr Freeze; מיסטר פריז; 急凍人; Pakkasherra; S-ro Frido; Мистер Фриз; Mr. Freeze; Mr Freeze; Inglise; Senhor Frio; Mr. Freeze; มิสเตอร์ฟรีซ; Mr. Freeze; Mister Freeze; Mister Freeze; 미스터 프리즈; Mr. Freeze; Мистър Фрийз; Містер Фріз; 急凍人; Мистер Фриз; Mr. Freeze; مستر فريز; 急冻人; Mr. Freeze; DC Comics karakteri; ডি সি কমিক্সের চরিত্র; personnage de bande-dessinée; stripovski superzlikovac iz DC Universea; Mr. Freeze; karakter fiksi di seluruh DC Universe; вигаданий персонаж; DC Comics; суперзлодей, враг Бэтмена; shkencëtar; fiktive Figur; DC 코믹스의 슈퍼빌런 캐릭터; fictional character throughout the DC Universe; supervillano ficticio de DC Comics; personaggio immaginario dell'Universo DC; דמות של נבל-על בקומיקס באטמן; Victor Fries; Mister Freeze; Jégcsap; Mr. Gel; Mister Freeze; Mr. Freeze; اقای فریزر; اقای فریز; آقای فریزر; Господин Мраз; Mr. Freeze; Mr. Freeze; Dr. Victor Fries; 빅터 프리즈; Victor Fries; Mr. Zero; Mr. Freeze; Mr. Frio; Sr. Frio; Mr Freeze; Mr. Frío; Mr. Freeze; Sr Frio; Mr Frío; Mr. Freeze; Dr. Victor Fries; Victor Fries; Mr. Zero; Dr. Schimmell; Mister Freeze; Mr Freeze; Mr. Freeze (DC Comics); Mr. Freeze; Monsieur Freeze; Mister Freeze; Victor Fries; Docteur Victor Fries; Виктор Фрис</nowiki>
Mr. Freeze 
fictional character throughout the DC Universe
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Name in native language
  • Mr. Freeze
Country of citizenship
Member of
  • Injustice League
  • Secret Society of Super Villains
  • GothCorp
  • Nora Fries
Present in work
  • Batman: Arkham City
  • Batman & Robin
  • Gotham
  • Injustice 2
  • Batman
  • The Batman/Superman Hour
  • The New Adventures of Batman
  • Batman: The Animated Series
  • The New Batman Adventures
  • Batman Beyond
  • The Batman
  • Batman: The Brave and the Bold
  • Young Justice
  • Justice League Action
  • Batman: Arkham Knight
  • Batman: Arkham Origins
  • Merry Little Batman
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