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Juxtapose these icons to show a simple musical score or use the template:MusicScore

Examples of names in this template:

Music Staff.svg Staff Blank staff
Music ClefG.svg ClefG G-clef without accidentals
Music ClefG+3.svg ClefG+3 G-clef with three sharps
Music ClefF.svg ClefG+3 F-clef
Music ClefF-2.svg ClefF-2 F-clef with two flats
Music ClefN.svg ClefN Percussion clef. adding a 1 makes it a single line
Music ClefN1.svg ClefN1
Music 38.svg 38 Time signature: 3/8
Music 44.svg 44 Time signature: 4/4
Music 44c.svg 44c Time signature: 4/4 (variant: common time)
Music 22.svg 22 Time signature: alla breve, cut common time
Music Bar.svg Bar Bar line
Music End.svg End End line
Music 4g1.svg 4g1 '4' indicates a crotchet
Music 8g1.svg 8g1 '8' indicates a quaver, 1, 2 and 16 are also available
Music 4pg1.svg 4pg1 add a 'p' to add a dot to a note
Music 8b1.svg 8b1 This is a b1
Music 8c2.svg 8c2 This is a c2 (use the names of the notes as if a G clef has been used)
Music ClefF.svgMusic 4c2.svg 4c2 This is an e0, or course, but it would have been a c2 if a G clef had been used.
Music 4f1+.svg 4f1+ Add '+' for a sharp
Music 2b1-.svg 2b1- Add '-' for a flat
Music 2b1n.svg 2b1n Add 'n' for a natural
Music 4.svg 4 A single digit is a rest
Music 8.svg 8
Music M+5.svg M+5 "M+#" means a multiple measure rest

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