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dragon in Norse mythology
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Instance of mythological serpent,
Norse mythical animal
Part of Norse mythology
Authority control
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Níðhöggr (es); Nidhogg (hu); Níðhöggur (is); Niðhöggr (eu); Níðhöggr (ca); Nidhöggr (de); 尼德霍格 (zh); Nidhug (da); Nidhogg (ro); ニーズヘッグ (ja); Nidhögg (sv); Нідгьогг (uk); 尼德霍格 (zh-hant); 尼德霍格 (zh-cn); Nidhöggr (gsw); 니드호그 (ko); Níðhöggr (it); Nídhögg (fr); Nidhöggr (et); Níðhöggr (pt); Nidhjegs (lv); Nidhogas (lt); Nidhogg (sh); 尼德霍格 (zh-hans); 尼德霍格 (zh-hk); 尼德霍格 (zh-sg); Níðhöggr (gl); Nidhogg (nn); Nidhogg (nb); 尼德霍格 (zh-tw); Níðhöggr (pl); Nidhogg (nl); Нидхёгг (ru); Niddhog (fi); Níðhöggr (en); Nidhogg (hr); Nidhogg (el); Níðhöggr (tr) dragon in Norse mythology (en) Nídhoggr, Nídhöggr, Niðhoggr, Niðhöggr, Nidhoggr, Níðhoggr, Nidhogg, Nidhǫggr, Niðhǫggr, Nidhöggr, Nídhǫggr, Níðhǫggr (es); ニドヘグ, ニッドヘグ (ja); Nidhögg, Nidhoggr, Nidhogg, Niddhog, Níðhöggr (fr); Niðhöggr, Nidhoggr, Nidhogg (it); Níðhöggr, Nidhugg, Nidhogg (sv); Nidhögg, Nidhogg (pl); Nijdhakker, Nidhoggr, Niddhog, Nidhöggr (nl); Nithogg, Níðhöggr (sh); Nidhogg (ca); Nidhogg (pt); Nidhögg, Nidhogg, Níðhöggr, Níðhǫggr, Nidhöggur (de); 니드호크 (ko); Nidhogg (en); Graback, Grafvolluth (hr); Нидхегг (ru); Nydhogas (lt)

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