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The Nankanse (also Nakanni) are a people in the North and Northeast of Ghana.

- other name variants:
  • own name: Gurense (=Plural; Singular: Gurena, Gurina, Gourounga), the "Gurunsi", "Grunshi" or similar in the early colonial literature
but: Gurense has in the language of their neighbours the meaning "dog meat eater" (analogue to "kaffir" in Arabian) so that this name is not more in use.
  • alternative name in the colonial time: Frafra (from "fura fura" = "Hello, how are you?" as well as "Thank you" in the language of the Nankanse)
  • name from the neighbouring Kassena: Nankanse (=Plural; Singular: Nankarena; with the meaning "Nankane-speakers")
- neighbours: Kassena, Tallensi (sometime also called "Frafra", because they speak the same language, however, with another dialect), Mamprussi
- subcategorisations: Bura (=Plural; Singular: Bute) = totemistic, patrilinear clans; The Nankanse are composed of 26 Bura.
- title of the political leader: "Tendana" (Chief of all Nankanse); "Na" or "Naa" (Chief on local level); The same titles have the Tallensi too.
("Na" as title or name suffix is customary in Ghana and Burkina Faso and means literal "grand-father", "family oldest", "family chief", "clan chief" or similar.)

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