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Nihon Hammond Ltd. was established in 1970 in Osaka, Japan, as a joint company of Hammond Organ Co. (USA) and Sakata Shōkai (Japan).

Nihon Hammond built an array of electronic versions of Hammond organs as an OEM supplier in 1970s and first half of 1980s. Subsidiary brands included the Acetone line of combo organs.

In late 1985, Hammond Organ Company ceased and their brand, including interest in Nihon Hammond, was sold to Hammond Organ Australia Pty. Ltd. (owned by Noel Crabbe, Sydney). [1]. The business of Nihon Hammond was subsequently taken over by Suzuki Hammond (later Hammond Suzuki).


  1. (January 3, 1986). "Marmon Group sells Hammond Organ rights". Chicago Sun-Times. Retrieved on 2013-07-31.
    "Chicago-based Marmon Group said today it has sold the name and all world patents and trade marks of the Hammond Organ Co. to Hammond Organ Australia Pty. Ltd., a company principally controlled by Noel Crabbe of Sydney, Australia. The transaction was completed Dec. 20. Included in the sale is an undisclosed share of Hammond Organ's interest in Nihon-Hammond Limited of Osaka, Japan, a joint manufacturing venture. Hammond Organs previously were manufactured here at 4200 West Diversey. Service and warranty fulfillment will continue at that location."


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