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I, User:Michael180 have created a set of edit bar icons based off the Nuvola Icons for KDE 3.x by David Vignoni and

My contributions are dual licensed, the Creative Commons Attribution 2.5 License ( and the LGPL

See them all Category:Nuvola-inspired Edit Bar for MediaWiki

See the other set, Category:Nuvola-inspired icons for MediaWiki

  • These are a lot better, in my opinion, then those that ship with MediaWiki.
  • I would be thrilled if they were chosen to be included in future version of the MediaWiki software, and I give the MediaWiki Foundation full rights (where I have the rights to give) to do so.
  • I don't have SVG versions, because I don't know how to use SVG software. Should someone have the skills and the Nuvola SVG icons, they are welcome to create more.
  • To install on your own wiki, download the zip file from my website [1], and extract the icons in your /skins/common/images directory, overwritting the old ones.
  • If anyone has changes or ideas, just drop me a line, w:User_talk:Michael180

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