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English: Pericles (ca. 495 BC-429 BC, Greek : Περικλῆς) was an influential and important leader of Athens during the Athenian Golden Age, from the Alcmaeonidae family.

ancient Greek statesman, orator, and general of Athens
Pericles Pio-Clementino Inv269.jpg
Bust de Pericles conservat als Museus Vaticans, còpia d'una obra original grega del 430 aC
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Name in native languageΠερικλῆς
Date of birth494 BC (statement with Gregorian date earlier than 1584), 495 BC (statement with Gregorian date earlier than 1584)
Date of death429 BC
Manner of death
  • natural causes
Cause of death
  • Plague of Athens
Country of citizenship
Position held
  • Athenian strategos (442 BC, 429 BC)
  • Agariste
  • Ariphron
  • Pericles' first wife ( – 445 BC)
  • Aspasia (445 BC – )
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Pericles (es); Períkles (is); Pericles (ms); Перикъл (bg); Perikles (ksh); پیری کلیز (ur); Pericles (mg); Perikles (sk); Pericles (oc); Perikles (gsw); 페리클레스 (ko); Перикл (kk); Periklo (eo); Перикле (mk); Perikle (bs); Pericles (an); পেরিক্লিস (bn); Périclès (fr); Periklo (hr); Périklès (gcr); Perikles (vi); Perikls (lv); Perikles (af); Перикле (sr); Pericles (sco); Perikles (nn); Perikles (nb); Perikl (az); 伯里克利 (lzh); Pericles (en); بريكليس (ar); Perikles (br); 伯里克里斯 (yue); Перикл (ky); Perikles (eu); Pericles (ast); Pèricles (ca); Pericles (cy); Peiricléas (ga); پریکلس (fa); 伯里克利 (zh); Perikles (fy); პერიკლე (ka); ペリクレス (ja); פריקלס (he); Pericles (la); Perikle (sh); 伯里克利 (wuu); Perikles (fi); Periklés (cs); Περικλῆς (grc); Perikles (sv); Pericle (ro); Pericle (it); Perikles (tr); Pericle (lij); Pericles (ht); Perikles (et); Perikles (da); Պերիկլես (hy); Periklész (hu); Pericles (war); Pericles (yo); Pèricli (scn); Péricles (pt); پیریکلیز (pnb); Perikles (id); Perikliu (sq); Periklis (lt); Periklej (sl); Perikles (tl); Perikles (de); Перикл (ru); เพริคลีส (th); Perykles (pl); പെരിക്ലിസ് (ml); Perikles (nl); Péricle (pms); Perikl (uz); پيريڪلس (sd); Перыкл (be); Pericles (gl); Перикл (uk); Περικλής (el); Perikles (olo) hombre de Estado griego, orador, y general de Atenas (es); politico, oratore e militare ateniese (it); homme d'État, orateur et stratège athénien (fr); Αθηναίος πολιτικός, ρήτορας και στρατηγός του 5ου αιώνα π.Χ. (el); รัฐบุรุษ, นักพูด และนายทหารแห่งนครรัฐเอเธนส์ (th); statsmann, taler og general i antikkens Aten (nb); афінський державний діяч часів Стародавньої Греції (uk); politicus, redenaar en strategos uit het oude Athene (494-429 v.Chr.) (nl); home del estat grec, orador i general d'Atenes (ca); státník, řečník a generál starověkých Athén (cs); athenischer Staatsmann und General (de); Antiikin kreikkalainen poliitikko (fi); ancient Greek statesman, orator, and general of Athens (en); афинский государственный деятель (ru); атински държавник (bg); старогрчки државник, говорник и војсковођа из V века п. н. е. (sr) Περικλῆς (bn); Pericles, Péricles (fr); Pericles (ca); Périkles, Péricles Alcmeônida (pt); Pericles (vi); Pērikls, Pericles (lv); 伯利克里, 伯里克里斯, 白里克里斯, 佩里克利斯, 伯利克里斯 (zh); Pericles, പെരിക്കിൾസ് (ml); Pericles (tr); Pericles (tl); Pericle (pms); Pericles (sv); Pericles (id); Pericles (nl); Перікл (uk); Periklo (sh); Periklés, Periklís (sk); Pericle(495-429 î.Hr.) (ro); Perikles (sl); Pericles (fi); Perikl, Perikles, Perykles (en); بركليس (ar); Perikles (cs); Pericles Orator (la)


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