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Deutsch: Phengit
English: Phengite
Español: Phengita
Français : Phengite
  • "Series" name used in mica nomenclature. Potassic micas between, or close to, the muscovite-aluminoceladonite and muscovite-celadonite joins. (Fleischer's Glossary of Minerals, 2014)
  • "Potassic dioctahedral micas are between, or close to, the joins muscovite-aluminoceladonite and muscovite-celadonite." (Rieder et al., 1998)
  • Also defined as:
  • (1) "White micas with Si in excess of 3 apfu (atoms per formula unit) in the tetrahedral T site, thus lying on the joins muscovite-aluminoceladonite, and muscovite-celadonite."
  • (2) "White micas with fairly large amounts of Mg and Fe (whatever its oxidation state) and other scarce heavy cations such as Ti, Cr, etc. in the octahedral M site, the name thus meaning any mica with variable amounts of octahedral Al substituted mostly by Mg and Fe, irrespective of whether it is tetrasilicic or not, but implicitly assuming charge balance." (Cibin et al., 2008)

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