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Deutsch: Pocahontas auch Matoaka (* um 1595 in Virginia; † 21. März 1617 in Gravesend, südöstlich von London). Pocahontas bedeutet „die Verspielte“, „die, die alles durcheinanderbringt“. Sie war die Tochter des Indianerhäuptlings Powhatan-Sachem und Mittlerin zwischen den Stämmen der Algonkin-Konföderation und den englischen Kolonisten.
English: Pocahontas (c. 1595 – March 21 1617) was a Native American woman who married an Englishman, John Rolfe, and became a celebrity in London in the last year of her life. She was a daughter of Wahunsunacock (also known as Chief or Emperor Powhatan), who ruled an area encompassing almost all of the neighboring tribes in the Tidewater region of Virginia (called Tenakomakah at the time). Her formal names were Matoaka (or Matoika) and Amonute; Pocahontas was a childhood nickname referring to her frolicsome nature (in the Powhatan language it meant "little wanton", according to William Strachey). After her baptism, she went by the name Rebecca, becoming Rebecca Rolfe on her marriage.
Français : Pocahontas (vers 1595 – 21 mars 1617) était une Amérindienne de la confédération de tribus Powhatan. Elle était la fille de Wahunsunacock (aussi appelé chef Powhatan) qui a régné sur presque toutes les tribus voisines dans une région alors appelée Tenakomakah. Ses vrais noms étaient Matoaka et Amonute[1], Pocahontas étant un surnom d'enfance se rapportant à sa nature espiègle (dans la langue de Powhatan cela signifie « petite dévergondée »[2]). Quand elle a été baptisée, son nom a été changé en Rebecca. Elle prendra le nom de Rebecca Rolfe après son mariage.
Pocahontas (es); Pókahontas (is); Pocahontas (ms); Покахонтас (os); Pocahontas (en-gb); Покахонтас (bg); Pocahontas (tr); 寶嘉康蒂 (zh-hk); Pocahontas (sv); Покахонтас (uk); 寶嘉康蒂 (zh-hant); Pocahontas (io); 포카혼타스 (ko); Pocahontas (fo); Pokahontas (eo); Pocahontas (cs); Pocahontas (bs); Pocahontas (fr); Pocahontas (hr); पोकाहोन्टास (mr); Pocahontas (vi); Покахонтас (sr); Pocahontas (pt-br); 宝嘉康蒂 (zh-sg); Pocahontas (nb); Pocahontas (en); بوكاهانتس (ar); Pocahontas (br); Pokahontasz (hu); Pocahontas (eu); Pocahontas (ast); Pocahontas (ca); Pocahontas (de-ch); Pocahontas (de); Pokahontas (sq); Պոկահոնտաս (hy); 宝嘉康蒂 (zh); Pokahontas (fy); ポカホンタス (ja); פוקהונטס (he); Pocahontas (la); Pocahontas (fi); Pocahontas (en-ca); Pocahontas (it); Pocahontas (nl); 宝嘉康蒂 (zh-hans); 寶嘉康蒂 (zh-tw); Покахонтас (sr-ec); Pocahontas (pt); Покахонтас (ru); Pocahontas (sco); Pocahontas (mwl); Pocahontas (ga); Pocahontas (sl); Pocahontas (tl); پوکاهانتس (fa); Pocahontas (da); โพคาฮอนทัส (th); Pocahontas (pl); പോക്കാഹോണ്ടാസ് (ml); Pocahontas (sh); Pocahontas (ro); Pocahontas (id); 宝嘉康蒂 (zh-cn); Pocahontas (cy); Pocahontas (gl); Пакахонтас (be); Ποκαχόντας (el); Pokahontas (sr-el) nativa americana (it); femme amérindienne (fr); infödd amerikan associerad med kolonialismen i Virginia, USA under 1500–1600-talet (sv); Inda Americana colonos quae anglicos adiuvit saeculo XVII. (la); legendeomspunnet person (nb); prinses (nl); princesa nadiua americana (ca); virginijská indiánka (cs); Indianerin (de); Princesa da tribo Powhatan, esposa de John Rolfe (pt); Algonquian princess (en); princesa algoquina (es); 美國弗吉尼亞州印第安人 (zh); princesa algoquina (pt-br) Matoaka (es); Petite dévergondée, Matoaka, Rebecca Rolfe, Rebeca rolfe, Amonute, Rebecca Rofle (fr); Rebecca Rolfe, Matoaka (ca); Matoaks, Pokahontas, Prinzessin Rebecca, Rebecca Rolfe (de); Matoaka, Amonute, Rebecca Rolfe (en-gb); 波卡洪塔斯, 寶嘉康蒂 (zh); Pocahontas (fy); レベッカ・ロルフ, マトワ, マトアカ (ja); Matoaka, Amonute, Rebecca Rolfe (sco); Lady Rebecka, Poccahontas (sv); Rebecca Rolfe, Pokahontas (pl); Pochahontas (nb); Matoaka (nl); Pokahontas (sh); Матоака (ru); Pocohontas, Pocahontas (th); Rebecca Rolfe, Pokahontas, Matoaka (fi); Matoaka, Amonute, Rebecca Rolfe (en); Pocahontas (eo); Rebecca Rolfe, White Feather, Matoaka, Matoax, Pokahontas (cs); Matoaka (da)
Algonquian princess
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Date of birth1595, c. 1596
Date of deathMarch 1617
Manner of death
  • natural causes
Cause of death
  • unknown
Place of burial
Country of citizenship
  • Nonoma Winanuske Matatiske
  • Thomas Rolfe
Authority control
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