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Deutsch: Portalkräne laufen mitsamt ihren Stützen auf Schienen. Das unterscheidet sie von Brückenkränen (Overhead cranes), bei denen die Schienen bzw. Führungen oben auf den Stützen sind. Beide Bauarten warden als Gantry cranes zusammengefasst.
English: Portal cranes are a form of crane where a large rectangular framework forms a flat-topped arch with a gantry across the top. This whole portal frame can move in one direction by a railway truck under each end. The lifting gear itself is on a small trolley that can move crossways along the horizontal gantry.

For this reason the cranes are often, if not most commonly, described as "gantry" cranes. However categorization on Wikimedia Commons has chosen to use that term generally to refer to Overhead cranes, as often found in factories. These are similar, but have a single horizontal beam rather than an arch. This travels on similar trucks, but they're mounted high up at gantry level, not ground level.

Portal cranes are commonly found in shipyards. Most of the world's very biggest cranes, both in size and in lifting capacity, are of this type.


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