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1977 United States Senate report on MKUltra
English: During the 1977 Hearings of the U.S. Senate Select Committee on Intelligence and the Subcommittee on Health and Scientific Research into the Project MKULTRA, it was uncovered that: «Under an agreement reached with the Army in 1952, the Special Operations Division (SOD) at Fort Detrick was to assist CIA in developing, testing, and maintaining biological agents and delivery systems. By this agreement, CIA acquired the knowledge, skill, and facilities of the Army to develop biological weapons suited for CIA use.» On 13 April 1953, Allen Dulles, the Director of Central Intelligence, granted approval to a proposal to develop biological and chemical materials within the program called MKULTRA, which included drugs experiments on unsuspecting individuals. On 27 November 1953, Dr. Frank Olson, a civilian scientist in the employ of the U.S. Army committed suicide after such an experiment. The goals of MKUltra included was the creation of mental disorders including Dissociative Identity Disorder in order to produce amnesia and enhance individuals abilities to withstand torture and coercion.
<nowiki>Operación MK Ultra; «МК-Ультра» долбоору; MK Ultra proiektua; Projek MKUltra; MKULTRA; ՄԿ-Ուլտրա նախագիծ; MKUltra计划; Projekt MKUltra; MKUltra projesi; MKウルトラ計画; Project MKUltra; פרויקט MKULTRA; MKULTRA 計劃; MK-ULTRA項目; MKULTRA; Project MKUltra; Projekt MKULTRA; Progetto MKULTRA; projet MK-Ultra; MKULTRA; MK Ultra layihəsi; МК-УЛТРА; پروژه ام‌کی‌اولترا; MKUltra; MKULTRA; Projekt MKULTRA; Proiectul MKUltra; Operacija MKULTRA; Monarch Programming; projekt MKUltra; Projekt MKULTRA; MKULTRA; MKUltra; Proyek MKUltra; MKUltra Kè-ōe; MKULTRA; MK-ULTRA; Projecte MKUltra; «МК Ультра» проекчĕ; Проект «МК Ультра»; Проект MK-ULTRA; Project MKUltra; مشروع إم كي ألترا; Πρόγραμμα MKUltra; MK울트라 계획; tajni program Cie, ki je vključeval poskuse z zdravili na ljudeh brez privolitve, večinoma na ameriških državljanih v bolnišnicah in psihiatričnih ustanovah; かつてCIAが行なっていた洗脳実験のコードネーム; projet de la CIA entre 1953 et 1972; forskningsprogram för beteendemodifikation; CIAren legez kanpoko programa, kontrol mentala ikertzekoa; proyek mk ultra; Παράνομο μυστικό πρόγραμμα της CIA; proyecto MK Ultra (CIA); CIA:n salainen tutkimusohjelma; Geheimprogramm der CIA, das erzwungene Drogenversuche an unwissenden US-Bürgern umfasste; Operação e escândalo militar; secret CIA program including enforced drug experiments on unwitting humans, mainly U.S. citizens, in hospitals and psychiatric institutions; programma illegale di sperimentazione su esseri umani inconsapevoli messo in atto dalla CIA; Projekt CIA, který zkoumal metody psychické manipulace lidí.; Monarch Programming; Progetto MK-ULTRA; Mk-Ultra; MKSEARCH; MKULTRA; Project MKULTRA; Projet MK-SEARCH; MK-ULTRA; MK-SEARCH; Projet MK-ULTRA; Projekt MKULTRA; MK Ultra; MK ULTRA; MKULTRA; Проект MK ULTRA; Проект Монарх; Проект МКULTRA; МК - ULTRA; Проект MKULTRA; Проект MK-Ультра; MK ULTRA; MKUltra; Projecto MKULTRA; MK-ULTRA; Projeto MKULTRA; پروژه ام کی اولترا; ام کی اولترا; پروژهٔ ام کی اولترا; MK-ULTRA; MKUltra; MKULTRA; Ciin program nadzora uma; MKULTRA計画; MKウルトラ; MKウルトラ作戦; MKデルタ計画; MKULTRA; MK-Ultra; פרוייקט MKULTRA; Monarx layihəsi; MK-ULTRA專案; MKULTRA 计划; MK ULTRA; MK-ULTRA; CIA's mind control program; MK ULTRA; MKULTRA; MK ULTRA; Operacion MK Ultra; MK-ULTRA; MKULTRA; Project MKULTRA; Operacion MKULTRA; Operación MKULTRA; Proyecto MKULTRA; MKULTRA; MK-ULTRA; Project BLUEBIRD; Projekt MKUltra; MK-ULTRA; MK Ultra</nowiki>
Project MKUltra 
secret CIA program including enforced drug experiments on unwitting humans, mainly U.S. citizens, in hospitals and psychiatric institutions
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  • 10 July 1972
  • Project ARTICHOKE
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