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Peptidasa (es); Proteáz (hu); Protease (ms); Peptidase (de); Протеаза (sr-ec); 蛋白酶 (zh); protease (da); Proteaz (tr); プロテアーゼ (ja); Proteas (sv); פרוטאז (he); 蛋白酶 (zh-hant); 蛋白酶 (zh-cn); Peptidase (gsw); 단백질 가수 분해 효소 (ko); Proteasa (oc); peptidazo (eo); proteáza (cs); Proteaza (bs); Proteasi (it); 蛋白酶 (zh-hans); peptidase (fr); Протеаза (ru); Proteaasid (et); Protease (gl); 蛋白酶 (zh-hk); Proteáza (sk); Proteaza (sr-el); protease (nl); 蛋白酶 (zh-tw); Protease (vi); Peptidazės (lt); proteazy (pl); Proteaasi (fi); Proteaza (sr); Peptidaza (sl); 蛋白酶 (zh-sg); peptidasa (ca); protease (sco); Protease (id); peptidase (nn); protease (nb); Proteaza (sh); پروتئاز (fa); Протеаза (uk); protease (pt); Պրոտեոլիտ ֆերմենտներ (hy); peptidase (en); ببتيداز (ar); Πεπτιδάση (el); 蛋白酶 (wuu) Protein (de); protéine (fr); proteinë (sq); speco de hidrolizazo (eo); enzyme, type of hydrolase (en); eiwitafbrekend enzym (nl) Peptidasas, Proteasas, Proteasa (es); Coupure protéolytique, Endoprotéase, Protéase, Peptidases, Endopeptidase, Endopeptidases, E1101, Protéases, Protéinase, Enzyme protéolytique (fr); Протеиназа, Протеиназы, Протеазы, Протеолитические ферменты (ru); Proteinase, Proteasen, Protease, Peptidasen (de); Exopeptidases, Carboxipeptidase, Endopeptidase, Endopeptidases, Aminopeptidases, Proteases, Carboxipeptidases, Aminopeptidase, Enzima proteolítica, Peptidase, Peptidases, Proteinase, Enzimas proteolíticas, Protease sérica, Exopeptidase (pt); Proteináza, Proteolytický enzým, Proteázy (sk); Peptidaza, Proteolitički enzim, Proteinaza (sr); Proteinaz (tr); 蛋白質分解酵素, カルボキシペプチダーゼ, 蛋白分解酵素, タンパク分解酵素, アルカリプロテアーゼ, アミノペプチダーゼ, アルカリ性ペプチダーゼ, エキソペプチダーゼ, エンドペプチダーゼ, アルカリペプチダーゼ, ペプチダーゼ, タンパク質分解酵素, アルカリ性プロテアーゼ (ja); Proteaza, Enzymy proteolityczne, Peptydazy, Peptydaza (pl); proteinazo (eo); Peptidaser, Exopeptidas, Endopeptidaser, Peptidas, Exopeptidaser, Endopeptidas, Proteaser (sv); proteinase, protease, EC 3.4 (nn); Peptidasa (oc); endopeptidase, peptidase (nl); Proteasa (gl); Peptidasi (it); Протеази (uk); Proteinase, Peptidase (id); proteinase, EC 3.4, protease, Protease, peptide hydrolase, peptide hydrolases, hydrolase, acting on peptide bonds (en); بروتياز, إنزيم البروتييز (ar); proteázy, proteasa, proteináza, peptidáza (cs); פרוטאזות, אנזים פרוטאוליטי, פפטידז, פפטידאז, פרוטאזה, E1101, E 1101, E-1101 (he)
enzyme, type of hydrolase
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English: A protease (also called peptidase or proteinaseis) is an enzyme that catalyzes the hydrolysis of peptide bonds (EC 3.4).


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