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<nowiki>proteasoma; Протеасома; Proteasom; Протеозом; Протеазома; Proteasom; Proteazom; 蛋白酶體; Proteazóm; פרוטאזום; 蛋白酶體; 蛋白酶体; 프로테아좀; Proteasom; 蛋白酶体; протеазом; Proteasom; proteasoma; proteazom; protéasome; proteasome complex; Proteasoma; एंटीबाडी; プロテアソーム; Proteasome; 蛋白酶體; Proteozom; پروتئازوم; proteassoma; Протеасома; Proteasoma; Proteosoma; Proteazom; proteasomski kompleks; proteasoma; Proteasomi; 蛋白酶体; Proteasom; proteasomkompleks; ප්‍රෝටියසෝම්; proteasoom; 蛋白酶体; Proteozom; ಪ್ರೋಟೀಸೋಮ್; Proteazom; Proteasoma; جسيم بروتيني; Πρωτεάσωμα; Proteasom; Complejo proteico que se encarga de realizar la degradación (reciclaje) de proteínas.; protéine; proteolytisk proteinkompleks; cellulaire component; complex enzimàtic relacionat amb la degradació d'algunes proteïnes; आईजी के नाम से भि जाने जते है; Protein, multikatalytische Protease; proteinë; complexo proteico que se encarga de realizar a degradación de proteínas; complesso di proteasi; Proteinový komplex degradující poškozené proteiny; large multisubunit complex which catalyzes protein degradation, found in eukaryotes, archaea and some bacteria; Proteosoma; Proteasome; Протеозома; Ubiquitin-Proteasom-System; Proteasomen; Proteossoma; Proteosoma; Proteassomas; Proteasoma; Proteosoma; Протеазом; proteasom; プロテオソーム; Proteosom; proteasom; proteasoma; Протеазома; Протеосома; Proteosoma; Proteosoma; GO:0000502; proteasome; بروتيزوم; proteasom; Proteasomy; Proteosomy</nowiki>
proteasome complex 
large multisubunit complex which catalyzes protein degradation, found in eukaryotes, archaea and some bacteria
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Instance of
  • cellular component
  • group or class of enzymes
Subclass of
  • endopeptidase complex
  • Threonine protease
  • intracellular protein-containing complex
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