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English: Menpehtyre Ramessu I (traditional English: Ramesses, also Ramses or Rameses) was the founding Pharaoh of Ancient Egypt's 19th dynasty. The dates for his short reign are not completely known but the time-line of late 1292-1290 BC is frequently cited[3] as well as 1295-1294 BC[4]. While Ramesses I was the founder of the 19th Dynasty, in reality his brief reign marked the transition between the reign of Horemheb who had stabilised Egypt and the rule of the powerful Pharaohs of this dynasty, in particular Seti I and Ramesses II, who would bring Egypt up to new heights of imperial power. More...
Français : Menpehtyrê Ramsès Ier a été le pharaon fondateur de la XIXe dynastie de l'Égypte antique ; il régna brièvement, de -1320 à -1310 (d'autres estimations donnent -1318 à -1310, -1295 à -1290 ou encore -1292 à -1290). Pour en savoir plus...
Deutsch: Ramses I. war ein altägyptischer König (Pharao) und Begründer der 19. Dynastie (Neues Reich), welcher von 1292 v. Chr. bis 1290 v. Chr. regierte. Mehr...


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