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(cs) Relační model · (es) Modelo relacional · (fa) مدل رابطه‌ای · (fr) Modèle relationnel · (hu) Relációs adatmodell · (ia) Base de datos relational · (it) Modello relazionale · (ja) 関係モデル · (ko) 관계형 모델 · (lt) Reliacinis modelis · (nl) Relationeel model · (pl) Model relacyjny · (pt) Modelo relacional · (ru) Реляционная модель данных · (uk) Реляційна модель даних · (zh) 关系模型 · +/−
English: The relational model for database management is a database model based on first-order predicate logic, first formulated and proposed in 1969 by Edgar Codd.

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