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English: Haute Coiffure: A special exhibit af Roman divas and their hair at the Royal Cast Collection, Copenhagen, Denmark

From the exhibit:

"For women in Roman times, hair was an important marker of attractiveness and social status that could convey both culture and personality. There are mentions in ancient texts of the lengthy grooming sessions that they underwent in order to style their hair in elaborate coiffures. Roman busts focused on memorializing an individual, and in female portraits a special emphasis was placed on the hair as an essential trait. The elaborate styles that appear in the selection of portraits on display are not artistic inventions made for the sculptural portraits, but correspond to real hairstyles that Roman women wore. They were subject to fashion, but also calculated expressions of personal identity used to mark their gender and place them within a scial, cultural and political context. The grooming sessions necessary for women to achieve complex constructions of braids and buns also stood for women's passivity and wealth. In comparison, men's hair in portraits remains loose and animated by lively movement that suggests their active role in society. The many stylistic changes in hairstyles recorded through the portraits that survive give some sense for the complex ways women would reject or return to styles worn by women of earlier periods as they were fashioning their own image."


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