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There are eight prangs in a row to the east of Wat Phra Kaew. They were covered with porcellain in the reign of King Rama III. Then in the reign of King Rama IV in order to accomodate the Royal Pantheon part of the eastern wall was extended and two of the prang were enclosed within the temple compound. The prangs are dedicated to various aspects of Buddhism. From north to south: white – the Buddha, mid-blue – the Dhamma (the scriptures), pink – the Sangha (the Buddhist monks), green – the Bikshuni (Buddhist nuns), dark purple – Pacchekabodhi Buddhas, pale blue – the Chakravarti (previous emperors of the kingdom), reddish brown – the Bodhisattva, and yellow – the Maitreya (the future Buddha). (cited after: Naengnoi Suksri, The Grand Palace, Bangkok. River Books, Bangkok 1999, ISBN 0-500-97479-9)

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